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Bloodwork with Libido Issue

Hey, i need help with what tests to take, i did my research and found all those:

TT : 15€
FT : 20€
FSH : 10€
LH : 10€
E2 : 15€ (Estradiol)
SHBG : 25€
DHT : 35€
TSH : 9€
HIV : 30€
T3 : 9€
Prolactin : 10€
RT3 : 40€
TPO : 14€
Pregnenolone : 75€
Progesterone : 15€

TOTAL: 332€
CBC : ??
CMP : ??

Am i overreacting with all those? Should i scratch some. I am 28yr old, rearly morning woods, wasnt hard enough to have sex it was slippy, not horny, no motivation… i want to get down with it … if i have medical issue or mental issue… Only time i kinda get hard is when i am taking hot shower (for 15 seconds)

I am nofap free from Avgust 2020. No fap - no porn watching… one fail sex with woman thats all.

Thanks a lot, getting tested in two days let me know if you would change anything

You get a really good picture with only these

FSH (optional)
LH (optional)
Estradiol (sensitive)

This will pick up most hormonal issues, then you can use further testing if something is amiss with these.

Your primary doctor will more than likely test your thyroid for you under your insurance, and also I’ve been able to convince several doctors to check my testosterone. CBC and CMP are no brainers for doctors, you hardly need to ask them and they will test it for you. Worth a shot if money is tight.

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Lipids and CBC I’d add for sure

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I wouldn’t worry about checking both of these

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Thanks i will adjust to reduce price… might take cheap ones into account as extra… CBC and lipids are cheap great.

I visit doctor and she tested me only for testo… i was on S-Testosteron: 18.67 nmol/L… but i was than into sports and good diet… keep in mind i am just 28yr old. i think its kinda low?

total testosterone
free testosterone
estradiol (the IA is fine and will save you money)
free T4
free T3
Vit D

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Thanks, tomorrow i am giving blood onto test reporting by friday or monday at latest.