Bloodwork- Where Do I Go from Here

Hi guys, I’m after some help and opinions on what i should do as my Testosterone are very low and as you could imagine I feel like shit because of it. I haven’t been on any gear for approximately 9 months and my last cycle was 500mg test e a week for roughly 4 months. Everything else had come back into range besides Test is there any way of getting this back up naturally? I have attached a copy of my bloods.


Your probably stuck with these levels and recovering natural is less likely, it’s not often men go from these ranges to the optimal ranges without some form of treatment whether clomid or TRT. I would have liked to see LH, very important as it would tell me if your testiles are damaged.

Your SHBG is suppressed low probably from excess androgens, commonly seen in men on cycles. You could try clomid, but without LH testing there’s no way to know if this will have any chance of working.

I forgot to mention I did a PCT with hcg/nolva/Clomid.
LH was tested for, its was 3.9 iu/l and FSH 10 iu/l

You should be getting more of your testicles at this LH level, FSH looks high. I’m the same, LH is currently 3.6 and TT 97-146 ng/dL or 3.3-5 nmol/L. I have low SHBG (14-16) as well. My FSH is 4.6.

I wouldn’t expect good results on clomid, I just don’t think the testicles are capable enough.

What is your complete PED history over the years? How old are you?

Never mind re: age. I looked again and see it on your posted labs. Might want to remove your name and address.

You may could try to do another PCT with tamoxifen (not sure if that’s worth trying or not but I don’t think it would hurt anything) but raising your T enough to matter without drugs isn’t likely. If you happen to figure out a natural way then email me and let’s get rich!

TRT has a lot of pluses for those that need it. Kind of like that runner who lost his legs, got the super sick metal spring legs and won every race. Of course he shot his girlfriend and is in prison but in this analogy that’s akin to crashing your E2.

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You’re killing it tonight. Almost spit drink out my nose

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3 or 4 cycles, pretty basic cycles of 500mg test e have run tren and masteron on one of them. I have had blood done post that cycle and everything was in range that time. Test level have usually been on the low side of normal, 10-12 nmol/L.

I do have a appointment booked with an endo to see what he thinks, I just wanted to have a go at trying to get my natural levels back within range first

That’s three or four month cycles over the past how many years?

High FSH is pointing towards an issue with the testies. You could try HCG montherapy and see if your testies respond. If they respond with improved testosterone, you can then try restart your pituitary once your testies have recovered.

My bloods are very similar to yours and my endocrinologist has had me on HCG for 3 months now. It’s currently 2 weeks since my last injection and I’m waiting to see if my natty test kicks in.

If testosterone returns to pre HCG levels then it’s TRT for life.