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Bloodwork: What to Check?


I know that many say you should get bloods done pre, mid, and post pct. What specifically should you get tested for each of these? I know Test (free and total), and Estradiol are a given. But what about RBC and Cholesterol? Other markers? Trying to keep costs under control but also want to do my due diligence.

Thanks for the help guys.


LH/FSH post PCT if recovery is poor
AST/ALT - liver

  • Sore muscles, DOMS, can increase AST/ALT. If you cannot have well recovered muscles, AST/ALT can be high.

hematocrit - cycles or TRT can make this too high in some guys

LH/FSH that is high from hCG or SERM can lead to high T–>E2 inside the testes and high serum E2 that cannot be managed with anastrozole. Most PCT practices involve hCG and SERM dosing that is way too high.


Thanks bro