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Bloodwork: What Do These Results Mean?


I'm 30yrs old.

TSH(HIGHLY SENS) 1.36 0.34-5.60


WBC 4.9 3.8-10.8 THOU/CUM
RBC 5.96 4.30-5.70 MIL/CUMM
HEMOGLOBIN 16.8 13.5-17.5 G/DL
HEMATOCRIT 51.7 38.8-50.0 %
MCV 86.8 81.0-95.0 CU MICROM
MCH 28.1 25.0-35.0 PICOGRAM
MCHC 32.4 32.0-36.0 G/DL
RDW 14.1 11.0-16.0 %
% NEUTROPHILS 57.2 40.0-75.0 %
%LYMPHOCYTES 30.5 18.1-47.0 %
%MONOCYTES 9.7 0.0-10.0 %
%EOSINOPHILS 1.2 1.0-6.0 %
%BASOPHILS 1.4 0.0-2.0 %

SODIUM 142 136-144 MMOL/L
POTASSIUM 4.6 3.6-5.1 MMOL/L
CHLORIDE 105 101-111 MMOL/L
GLUCOSE 96 74-118 MG/DL
CREATININE 1.0 0.6-1.2 MG/DL
TOTAL PROTEIN 7.1 6.5-8.1 G/DL
ALBUMIN 4.3 3.5-5.0 G/DL
CALCIUM 9.5 8.9-10.3 MG/DL

SGOT (AST) 73 15-41 IU/L
SGOT(ALT) 56 17-63 IU/L
GLOBULINS 2.8 1.6-3.8 G/DL
A/G RATIO 1.5 1.0-2.2

HDL 36

VLDL 12 5-40 MG/DL

TOTAL TEST, LC/MS/MS 767 250-1100 NG/DL

For some reason the doctor that sent me for the test never had my estrogen levels checked, which sucks. Can anyone help me make heads or tails of these results?


Somehow the rest of what I wrote never made it to the thread. The reason that I had this testing done was because I was getting tired mid afternoon, even after a good nights sleep. I also suffered from a low libido. As you can see my Dr. never checked my free test or estrogen levels.

I have been taking tribulus and my libido has gotten better, but this is only a short term fix. Could my thyroid be connected to this in any way? I’m sure there is a lot more involved, so maybe someone can help me out. Thank you


The norms are listed with each result, so obviously you can see if your levels fall within the norms. I would simply be concerned with what is abnormal.
HDL 36…this should be >60…your good cholesterol
LDL 112…<100 is norm but ideally <80…your bad cholesterol
AST 73, this is high…you usually want this <35…it reflects liver functioning…reactions in aa metabolism…did you ever have hep a?
TSH…thyroid stim hormone a bit low…but not to the point you would be considered hypothyroidic
Are you over weight/obese? I’m going to guess you need to lose about 15-20 lbs. Hope that helps.


I fasted for 12 hours before the test and was told that could be the reason ast is elevated. Never had hep a. I do need to lose 15 or so lbs. I’ve been trying to do it exclusively through weight training, maybe ill throw cardio in a few days a week. The meat that I eat is from the grocery store so it’s not the highest quality.


You’re a young guy, I would expect a 15 lbs weight loss to directly correlate with lowering that LDL and improving the HDL. Everything else looks good.
The modification of your actual program…I’ll leave that up to you. Simply increase the volume.


Please read the advice for new guys sticky.

  • we need more info about you.
  • we need more lab data if available.

TSH is not low, often good near 1.0

Thyroid can make you feel bad if low, with many symptoms similar to low-T.
Read the thyroid basics sticky and note the points about low body temperatures and iodine deficiencies. If waking body temp is 97.7 or higher and you can get 98.6 in the mid afternoon, you are probably OK in terms of thyroid function. Note possible symptoms.
You need to be using iodized salt. Many are not and getting into trouble.

You should feel OK with that T level. You can test E2 on your own at LEF.org and some other sites.

HTC is getting too high. This can cause headaches and other symptoms, especially when dehydrated. If you donate blood and feel a lot better after that, the measure of that is a measure of how bad it was. Restricts blood flow in fine vessels, and the brain. If you gave this problem, fish oil caps and mini aspirin every day would be helpful. RBC is high, consistent with high HTC. Keep hydrated. If you can donate blood, do not tell them that you are doing this for any heath reason. They will also screen for any typical blood born pathogens. Could be leg cramps. But those can also be from or added to by low magnesium levels and cal-mag supplements will fix most of that if strong on mag.

With your high HTC and RBC, if you go on TRT, you will get into trouble. Maybe a dietary extreme is promoting this.

Do not do labs when dehydrated, distorts readings. You are fasting but should not be thirsty.

What drugs, Rx or OTC? Alcohol? These can affect liver and increase E2, decreasing T. But that is slight effect in you if at all as your TT is decent.

Also note that sore or injured muscles can create high AST/ALT. You need to pause training and do labs after muscle recovery to get meaningful labs. My wife got carried away with resistance training had ALT/AST in the hundreds, perfectly normal a few weeks later. Fasting is not a cause!

Normally we would want LH/FSH lab data. But with your TT level, there is no concern at all.

Looked at your diet and pix. You need EFA’s for brain health and general metabolism. Fish oil, flax seed meal or oil, nuts.

Increase HDL:

  • EFA’s as above
  • high potency B complex multi vit with trace elements and iodine
  • vit C and natural source vit-E
  • DHEA if DHEA-S labs are low

Albumin and proteins are lowish, suggesting a degree of a catabolic metabolism. Its not from a lack of T, E2 is an unknown factor. Nutrient imbalance may be a factor in metabolism. Low thyroid function slows down your metabolism and energy across the board.

Action items:

  • donate blood and see how that changes your well-being. This will be temporary but makes its own case.
  • supplements as suggested for HDL
  • eval thyroid and iodine status and report here <== important and you can do this “lab work” yourself.
  • purchase an oral fever thermometer if needed
  • report your blood pressure. If elevated, HTC is a probably cause.
  • look for issues that are not T related
  • E2 is an unknown, your pix do not rule out elevated E2! [But low thyroid can make one gain fat as well.]
  • get AM cortisol, at 8AM
  • read the two suggested stickies
  • also check body temps in the afternoon when you feel crashed