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Bloodwork: Weird Free Test Results

Hey guys,

I follow the forums for years but its my first time posting here. I need you guys’ opinions.
I am experienced in BB, but this time my bloodwork looks kinda weird.
I am crusing on 300mg test enanthate/week + dnp + slin.

Total testosterone result: 3519ng/dl (normal is 300-1000) - OK
Free testosterone result: 1526ng/dl (normal is 3-25) - LOL

How can free testosterone be almost half of total test? It is over 10x what I expected.
Tomorrow I will ask for a SHBG exam. I am pretty sure the SHBG will be very low lol
but why?

I am using exemestane for months now @25mg/day. YES it does decrease the shbg lvls but
still it should NOT be so much.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance

Alright I just guessed that insulin is causing SHBG levels to drop. But still, it seems like a monstruous chance.
Maybe the DNP also influences SHBG or has a sinergistic effect with insulin on shbg? That would be a factor to explain why dnp is protein-sparing…

There is also the high probability that the lab result is erroneous…

maybe… I thought maybe it shouldnt say ng/dl (it does say for both total and free test)
that lab never made a mistake like this though…
thanks for the response.

btw I am running 600mg crystal dnp + 60ui slin / day

If you check your SHGB levels please post the results. I have low SHGB too and I am trying to find out more about it. How do you feel in terms of libido?

I will get the results in about 1 hour and I will post it here!
My libido was fine I guess, I am single for a while so I never know exactly how it is until I have a gf in front of me haha. Yesterday after the bloodwork results I felt horny as hell and also today, but it always happens after I see the results saying test is high. Psychological effect haha. Pretty funny, I also only feel the symptoms of hypo after I measure my glucose and I see its too low.

Btw my Estradiol levels are 12pg/ml.

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There we go. The results for free test, total test and shbg.
As expected, shbg is very low. I wish I would have gotten it tested when on dnp or insulin separately.
But now I only wanna use them together haha.

SHBG: 5,24nmol/L (normal is 10-57)

So I am half of the lowest range. I am afraid it made my cruise useless, so much free test is like extending the blast, lol.

You can probably lower your dosage to 150 for your cruise. Do you use an AI? Usually low SHGB means more e2 but you don’t seem to have a problem with that

Yes I am using 25mg exemestane/day (aromasin, except its homebrew)
I got E2 test 3x last 2 weeks.
First test I 1 was using 12.5mg exemestane and the results were 62ng/dL
I switch to .5mg letro/day and got the second test 5 days later, results were 24ng/dL but low libido, prob psychoilogically
I switch to 25mg exemestane and 5 days later I got E2 tested again, results were 12ng/dL, eventhough I was expecting some rebound from removing letro.
I found it an interesteing experience, it suggested that 25mg exemestane>0.5mg letro>12.5mg exemestane.

You are right, I will lower test dosage. Next cruise I will try smtg like 100mg and get my free test checked and depending on the result I might lower to 50mg lol.

Thanks you bro

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