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Bloodwork Variance

Hi - new to the group, and have read some recent posts around this topic.

had bloodworkd done on 6/25 (early am)-
T - 203 (range : 241 - 827) - was flagged as low so had it tested again

7/6 (early am):
T - 386 (250 - 1100 range)
Free T 93.4 (3 - 155)

doctor said i was fine because Total T was back in range and Free T was ok (Free T was not taken first test). At the time, i took his word for it. However, since then have had low energy and a noticeable impact wrt drive. started a low carb diet which i have read coudl also impact T levels.

so my question is : does anyone know why there would be variance between the two tests? If you were in my shoes, would you seek a 2nd opinion? Looking back on this - if i was low in my first test; and then the 2nd test was still on the low end, that could be a problem.

I am 36. I read online that for a man in his 30’s - the total T should not be below 600?

any insight would be very helpful

Please read the stickies. There is a lot of info that you need there. Read the advice for new guys and the blood work stickies for starters.

We need more lab data. You need a hormone panel, CBC + lipids, TSH, fT3, fT4, AM cortisol.

Extreme diets can affect your hormones, as can low cholesterol.

Come back to this post and everything about you needs to be here. Do not post your stuff in the posts of others and do not post into the stickies.