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Bloodwork TRT + Blast

Hey guys:)
On trt - if I do a blast 500 mg test e only for ex 8 weeks how long are my different blood values going to stay elavated?(approximately)
Will Go back to 125 Weekly TRT afterwards but how long to wait for doctor bloodwork regarding hematocrit etc etc to lower? I have the test half lives in control so will wait minimum 5 weeks but is that also enough for other things in the blood to normalize? My doc is basically testing for everything there is…
I can’t do ny pen bloodwork before the doc appointment because we don’t have any private labs In my country;(
Hoping for some feedback:)

Test E has a half life of one week. It will clear your system mostly in 3 weeks.

thank you:-) But what about other blood values? hematocrit, Ldl/Hdl and so on… is 4-5 weeks enough for them to stabalize?

From experience, my LDL was ~300 1 week after my cycle and I doubled my fish oil dose and added Nolvadex. For whatever reason, 2 weeks later, my LDL was 131, which just so happened to be even lower than what my baseline typically was (like 146 iirc).

Thanks Baka!:slight_smile:
What about hematocrit??

Good question. I’m not 100% sure but I know you can donate blood. Should help lower it

I am in same situation i was running 700mg aweek for a month to see if stuff was good, then went down 300,300,200,200, then back to 150 weekly 5 weeks from test, they want you to take your shot 4 days before blood work, i do but instead of saying i did Thursday i did shot on sat so if it’s up they dont know, where baggy clothing if you are jacked. As far as hemoglobin i think that donating blood a week before would do trick. It takes a while to go down just stay away from anadrol and equipoise as they increase hemocrit.