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Bloodwork to Get During Cruise?


I know @Ksman has a sticky on blood work and I thought it was really useful. I’m 26 years old, just coming off a cycle that is currently just test prop, mast prop, anavar, I will be ceasing everything this coming sunday unless I run out on Friday in which case I will begin my cruise of 250mg test E on Sunday. My reasons for the blood test are purely for health reasons… I have been running proviron and understand that and masteron have unfavorable effects on HDL and LDL which are obviously concerns of mine. I am giving blood this Friday btw. I would like to get a blood panel with all of my lipids and anything else recommended for cardiovascular health. Metabolic panel. Thyroid levels. And possibly progesterone, test, free test, e2, LH/FSH (I run the usual HCG dose recommended on the forum). If anyone could give me a complete list of what I should request for bloodwork I have an appointment with my doc next week and would like to have everything requested by then. I assume I’ll actually get the blood work on a trough day which I believe is what he recommended last time…(4 days after injection). In any event, thank you.


Whatever you do don’t forget to test SHGB.


Will do. Bump for more advice?