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Bloodwork Timing

Hi, I’ve been prescribed 75mg test cyp per week but I think its not enough for a 235lbs guy so i’m taking 120 mg test cyp per week. I have bloodworks by the end of october. When should I get back to 75mg for my bloodworks to be normal for that low dose??

3 weeks

Yes, your dose is too low. Maybe 140-150mg.

Doing any lab work on your own?

Depending on what you are doing with an AI, if E2 is elevated, SHBG will increase affecting FT:TT balance and SHBG does not fall rapidly.

Does your doc have a target FT and TT? He might up your dose. Doc should also listen to symptoms of energy, libido, mood etc and you may feel down at week 3.

Your AI dose requirements need to match serum T levels and your T dose changes need AI adjustments.

Now lets pretend that 120mg takes hematocrit [HTC] and RBC too high and doc freaks out. Such labs may not calm down quickly. Injecting twice a week would be more HTC friendly than once a week and subq better. Some guys have high HTC on TRT and others with higher T levels hardly any effects.

Well, i’d like to have some labs on my own but unfortunately i’m in canada so labs are only ordered by docs. And my doc wont order any labs til end of october. So 3 weeks before labs I just drop my dose to 75mg without taking any weeks off right?

Also about htc I’m doing my best to keep it low so I inject 3 times/week. Also ill be donating blood every 3 months or so. Also I dont take any AI for now, and I dont have any high e2 sides.

Sounds like you have things as controlled as you can.

So 3 weeks before labs I just drop my dose to 75mg without taking any weeks off right?

yes, that allows for a few half-lifes of decline

Ok perfect thanksi may even drop the dose 5-6 weeks before to be sure.