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Bloodwork Timing vs AI Dosage

I want to have my blood work done before I cycle and the midway thru my cycle. So if I need to adjust my Ai dosage lower or higher I can do it correctly by looking at the numbers?
I’m doing a 10 week cycle and want to have bloods done.

So if you are natty go get your blood tested. That is the first step so you know what you have to try and get back to when your cycle is all over. Forget about the AI worry about the PCT if it fails you are stabing yourself with a needle the rest of your life.

From my exp I would say check your water retention level and niples sensitivity for ai usage

Also get blood work after 40 days of cycle for mid cycle blood work

You ment 40 days right? It take 40 days for T cyp or E to reach steady state.

Edited to 40 days

So it is completely fine to not run ai unless symptoms appear?

And when if they appear my course of action is standard protocol dosage and the adjust from there if needed, is that correct?

What do you think your high E2 symptoms will be?
Everyones different some tolerate high E2 (high SHGB guys) some can’t tolerate an E2 of 40.
If you get the symptoms wrong you are likely to crash it.