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Bloodwork Thoughts? D, Boron, Magnesium, or Zinc to Lower SHBG?

Hello. Here are my T blood results (nearly 49 year old male):

Total T: 749
ALB: 4.4
SHBG: 65.23
Free T: 10.48


  1. What is a normal Free T range for me? I read online that it’s 3.2 to 16.8, but I am not sure.

  2. My bioavailable T is 251, or 33.6%. Is this OK or what should it be? Again, online things are not clear.

  3. I read that taking Vitamin D, or boron, or magnesium, or zinc will help lower SHBG, which appears to be the link to increase my Free T. Any thoughts on whic is better to take and why? I’d prefer to just take one thing, and for some reason, Vitamin D sounds more “normal” to take (as crazy as that sounds).

Personally, I don’t think I feel any effects of potentially having low T (or low free T, more specifically). The only thing is I don’t feel I gain muscle very efficiently, but no issues with erections, etc., though they are not as hard as they used to be.

Thanks for any thoughts.

Can you please provide the ranges for your blood work?

Full results below. Sorry for the poor formatting. The first numbers on each line are my results, and the second numbers on the line are the suggested normal ranges.

Tests: (1) Basic Metabolic Profile (bmp)
1GLUC 90 mg/dL 74-106
Fasting Gest. Range: 65-94
1Hr Gest Range: 65-139
1BUN 17 mg/dL 7-18
1Ca 9.5 mg/dL 8.5-10.1
1NA 140 mmol/L 136-145
1K 4.4 mmol/L 3.5-5.1
1CL 107 mmol/L 98-107
1CO2 28 mmol/L 21-32
1CREAT 1.1 mg/dL 0.6-1.3
2cGFR Estimate 71.167 mL/min
Please note: If the patient is African-American, please
multiply the GFR result by 1.210
Reference Table for Population Mean GFRs From NHANES III4

Age (Years) Average GFR
20-29 116 ml/min/1.73 m2
30-39 107 ml/min/1.73 m2
40-49 99 ml/min/1.73 m2
50-59 93 ml/min/1.73 m2
60-69 85 ml/min/1.73 m2
70+ 75 ml/min/1.73 m2

Tests: (2) C-REACTIVE PROTEIN (crp)
1CRP <3 mg/L 0-3

Tests: (3) Hepatic Function Panel (hepatic)
1ALB 4.4 g/dL 3.4-5.0
1TPROT 6.8 g/dL 6.4-8.2
1ALKPHOSi 77 U/L 45-117
1ALT 46 U/L 16-61
1AST 32 U/L 15-37
1DBil 0.2 “Range Below…”
RANGE: Newborn range: 0.0-0.6 ; Adult 0.1-0.5
1TBili 0.7 mg/dL 0.2-1.2
Tests: (4) Complete Blood Count w/ Diff (cbc)
bc-WBC 4.9 THOUS/MCL 3.6-10.2
bc-HGB 16.0 g/dL 12.5-16.7
bc-HCT 46.6 % 37.5-50.1
bc-PLT [L] 95 THOUS/MCL 140-400
bc-NEU# 3.00 THOUS/MCL 1.70-7.60
bc-LYMPH# 1.50 THOUS/MCL 1.00-4.00
bc-MONOS# 0.40 THOUS/MCL 0.20-1.10
bc-EOS# 0.10 THOUS/MCL 0.00-0.50
bc-BASO# 0.00 THOUS/MCL 0.00-0.36
bc-NEU% 61.0 % 43.5-73.5
bc-LYMPHS% 29.7 % 16.0-46.0
bc-MONOS% 7.8 % 5.5-13.7
bc-EOS% 1.1 % 0.0-8.1
bc-BASO% 0.4 % 0.0-3.0
bc-Rbc 5.23 MILLIONS/MCL 4.00-5.60
bc-MCV 89.1 fL 80.0-94.0
bc-MCH 30.70 pg 23.80-33.40
Page 1 of 5

bc-MCHC 34.4 g/dL 32.0-36.0
bc-RDW 13.9 % 12.1-16.2
Tests: (5) Coronary Risk Profile (corisk)
1CHOL [H] 226 mg/dL 50-200
1HDLC [H] 92 mg/dL 40-60
1TRIG 76 mg/dL 21-200
very high:>500
LDL Calc(N) [H] 119 mg/dL 20-100
! 1Non HDL Chol-Calc 134.00 mg/dL

Tests: (6) Testosterone-Free(36170X)
1TESTOSTERONE 749 ng/dL 249-836
1ALB 4.4 g/dL 3.4-5.0
! 1SHBG [H] 65.23 nmol/L 10.00-57.00
! 1Free Testosterone 10.48
Female: .3-1.0 ng/dL
Male: 1.8-21 ng/dL

Tests: (7) LYME DIS.SCREEN -W/RFX (1529T)
! Lyme IgG/IgM Ab <0.91 ISR 0.00-0.90
Negative <0.91
Equivocal 0.91 - 1.09
Positive >1.09

Tests: (8) Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (tsh)
1TSH 4.58 uIU/ml 0.31-4.60
Ref Range:
Pregnant Female:
1st Trimester 0.1-2.5
2nd Trimester 0.2-3.0
3rd Trimester 0.3-3.0
Infant (0 - 23mos) 0.816 - 5.91
Children (2-12yrs) 0.662 - 3.90
Adolescent (13 - 20yrs) 0.463 - 3.98

Tests: (9) Urinalysis Routine (uam)
USG 1.011 1.001-1.035
UPH 6.0 UNITS 5.0-8.0
UUBG 0.2 EU/dl
! UMISC1 [A] “Result Below…”
! UMISC2 No Value
U RBC No Value 0.00-3.00
U WBC No Value 0.00-3.00
U Epith C No Value None Seen
UBacteria No Value Negative
Page 2 of 5

U Yeast No Value None Seen
UCrystals No Value None Seen
U PATH Casts No Value None Seen
U SRC (Renal Epi) No Value None Seen
USperm No Value None Seen

Where are you getting 251 or 33.6% from?

TSH is high. Are you just trying to ask if your levels look normal? Your Free T is middle of the road and your TT is in the higher end of your range.

Dont waste your time trying to lower it with supplements. It wont work.

What are you taking right now, supplement wise, medicine wise, food wise?

Keto? Intermittent fasting?

In response:

No supplements or medicine.

Food wise, I try to eat low carbs, but not necessarily Keto or other specific plan. no intermittent fasting.

Regarding the 251/33.6%, I inputted the T data into an online calculator and that is what came out. Don’t know if it’s right, though.

Is high TSH causing low free T?

Boron supplementation DID LOWER my SHBG. However, I have insane levels and Boron wasn’t enough – even though I still take it to this day.

I also documented with labs that boron lowered my SHBG. Will it lower it enough? That is the million dollar question.

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The optimal Free T ranges is 20-26 pg/mL, normal unhealthy male with low confidence and low sex drive would be in the normal ranges.

Your Free T levels are pathetically low and high SHBG is the cause.

That’s the first symptoms of low testosterone and will only worsen as you age.

Testosterone and the Heart

In men, T levels begin to decrease after age 40, and this decrease has been associated with an increase in all-cause mortality and cardiovascular (CV) risk. Low T levels in men may increase their risk of developing coronary artery disease (CAD), metabolic syndrome, and type 2 diabetes. Reduced T levels in men with congestive heart failure (CHF) portends a poor prognosis and is associated with increased mortality.

normal unhealthy male with low confidence and low sex drive would be in the normal ranges”

Normal range for a normal male is anything but unhealthy!!!

“Your Free T levels are pathetically low and high SHBG is the cause.”

Free T looks mid range and within normal range for a healthy male, maybe very slightly low.

Where do u see free t looks normal ??

Free Testosterone 10.48
Female: .3-1.0 ng/dL
Male: 1.8-21 ng/dL

Looks bang on average for about a 35 year old male

Still these levels are not optimal and symptoms are present. This is why erections are not as hard as they used to be and why gaining muscle has plateaued. He doesn’t have enough testosterone to build new muscle.

He’s 49, his levels are optimal for his age. Not being able to gain muscle at 49 like you could at 20 is completely normal and a natural process of ageing. The thread starter stated:

“Personally, I don’t think I feel any effects of potentially having low T”

The advice you gave above is completely reckless.

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That’s your opinion but not the be all authority. In this day and age if you want an optimal life after 40 you must optimize.

If his erections are not as hard as they used to be, we know full well erections quality is tied to the heart.

No but the opinion will align with any decent medical professional.

Perfectly normal T levels, no symptoms of low T. Who the hell would come to the conclusion you need TRT.

Can you explain this nonsense:

normal unhealthy male with low confidence and low sex drive would be in the normal ranges”

I don’t see a value for Vit D in your labs. As far as Zinc goes, people take it to lower E2, and the best way to test deficiency is called the “Liquid Zinc Assay Test” Google it, sounds complete homeopathic and ridiculous, but there is a very decent study backing it up a legit. Boron certainly seems to help some.

I was speaking about suboptimal levels doctors like to call normal, testosterone levels have been on the decline for the past 70 years and men used to have much higher levels than we do now.

The ranges are getting lower every couple of years and so if you want to accept the new normal as men become infertile and more unhealthy, I feel sad for you if you are alright the next time the ranges/standards are lowered yet again.

Men need more testosterone these days, not less. Get off your moral high ground and wake up!

This statement suggest you haven’t read Dr Abraham Morgentaler book on Testosterone for life, a Harvard medical student and leading expert in testosterone therapy.

I’m done discussing this with you. It is completely irresponsible directing someone towards a lifetime of hormone replacement therapy when it is not needed.

I’ll reiterate, the thread starter has normal levels and NO symptoms.

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Your free t isn’t the greatest because of the shbg but if you feel good otherwise why mess with it? With TRT that is. Adding those supplements would be good idea anyways though IMHO especially if tested low on d. I can’t say anything on lowering shbg with them though

Without knowing what your doing that could just be based on diet and/or exercise program.

Have you tried nitric oxide boosting supplements (beet root juice, citrulline, arginine etc)? May help.