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Bloodwork, Test EQ

The lab work I got back was inconclusive on my total and free t just said it’s over >1500 total t and >21 free t measured in Ng/dL

It did give me a % free testosterone of 8.02 out of a range of 1.5 -4.20 ng/dL is there a way to figure out total and free with this percent?

Hematocrit came back low at 43
Which was lower then 6wks previous when it was 48
This leads me to believe the eq is actually not eq be t test unless eq shows up as test in the blood

Anyway thoughts, math, similar free test numbers if so what was your total testosterone etc

Thanks for reading

I think you’d need SHBG in order to reverse engineer the TT. If you have that you can use the free T percentage to find the free T ng/dl and then you can use that to find TT ng/dl. I think. I could be wrong.

8.03 nmol/L

Forget what it is called, but there is a more sensitive assay you can have done which will give you the numbers when it is above 1500.

It’s my experience that eq doesn’t raise rbc dramatically more than testosterone.