Bloodwork Shows Estradiol Dropping

So, issue, i have been on TRT for close to two years. Running 150 - 200mg’s per week. Blood work once every three months. I noticed on my bloodwork from three months ago my estradiol was moving towards the low range of normal. Now my most current bloodwork it has fallen below the normal range with my test hovering around 700ng/dl. I don’t necessarily feel like complete shit, however i do feel like I’m holding more water. Libido is still in full force. My clinic really offered no suggestions to correct the low estrogen just said we would re asses on the next bloodwork. I dont necessarily feel like waiting. Any suggestions or similar experiences. Im not on any estrogen blockers either. Thanks.

Hows your diet? What kind?

Honestly, not to good right now. Def not eating enough greens. Try to steer away from fried foods but fo eat burgers pretty regularly.

What other medications and supplements are you taking?

Anything that you started recently?

  1. are you doing bloods at the same point peak/trough taken into account?

  2. whats your protocal look like in terms of esters and injection frequency?

  3. IM or SubQ?

  4. Have you got a lot leaner over the course of this observation?

  5. Has your sugar and alcohol consumption changed at all?

  6. Lower Estrogen would normally mean you would hold less water not more- whats happening with some of your other bloods?

You say 150-200mg? Can you explain this more- when did it change/is there any correlation between that dosage change and what you are seeing?

More detail, i have been on a 80% cypionate 20% propionate mix for roughly a year at 200 mg per week injected intramuscularly. No new addition of supplements. Inject on Sunday and Thursdays. Bloodwork is always completed Thursday morning before an injection, so at the lowest point i would be during the week. I was at 320 ng/dl before i started, feeling sluggish, tired, low libido, and weight gain around waist but nothing crazy. The first 5-6 months of TRT was great. Getting pumps in the gym again, libido was back, harder erections, and overall felt better. I seem to have leveled off though and seems my body has gotten used to this product and dose. I asked to be switched to test e which i have never taken. Currently i still have a great libido, good workouts, my energy levels have kind of tapered off to where they were before TRT, which may be attributed to a not so great diet. Im just at a loss over the crashed estrogen level!

Weird mix- where are you based?

What is your total T and free T looking like alongside the E2 crash?

Can you post the last 3 sets of bloods in full?

I can, i will post tomorrow, for whatever reason my clinic doesn’t post lab results in the online patient access. I am located in south georgia. I wish i had a more knowledgable clinic to go to but there just isn’t any around. I remember my free test being somewhat high on my last blood test. I can get UGL test but would rather get pharma grade from the clinic as i am not doing extreme doses that would require more than what they would prescribe. UPDATE - i started anavar at 25 mg per day to help lean out before my last blood test for two weeks but ultimately decided i wasn’t ready to jump back in the game so cut it off cold turkey about 4 days before my blood test. Cant really find any info on anavar and estradiol levels and at only 25mg for roughly two weeks im not so sure that would even do anything. I have taken several cycles in my early twenties but have been clean for years. I almost 36 now.

Perhaps your Test is under-dosed. Not enough to aromatase into a higher rate. 200mg should have you at double the amount you tested at.

When E drops you retain less water. Similar to why woman have hot flashes and sweating in menopause. I had this when E was 20 or lower before TrT.

Low E would cause these symptoms - low libido, fatigue and tiredness. In the long run , if your E is too low, you will eventually have blood pressure, cholesterol, heart rate issues.

How much is your e actually dropping. If you have 700 Total, what’s free t and e?

Lab ranges today are lower and smaller than years passed. Don’t rely solely on these results and just use them to track and realize what levels occur at what dose. Year 1 my free t was below top of range.
2nd or 3rd lab test it was above range… nothing changed in my end. The lab companies simply changed their ranges.

Next time you take labs I suggest taking it a day or two after your injection and compare that to the lab before: this will tell you if your levels are staying somewhat stable or are really off before the next injection.

Your clinic is obviously in it for the $. I would find a doctor who specializes and educated themselves on this topic. Rather than a high volume clinic, find a specialist who wants to help and has answers.