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Bloodwork Review?

Hi all

I recently had a load of blood work done to see what my base line was for tt, ft and everything else. For a while I have been quite fatigued, low libido etc. (Appear to be on the lower limit of Vit D)

However it appears my TT, FT, DHEA & Oestradiol are over the range limit, SHBG Is right by the lower limit. The reviewer of my blood test has commented along the lines of “lower your steroid use” which is funny because the only thing I have used is clen.

Would you guys be able to chime in and give me your opinions ?
Have too wait 2 weeks for a doctors appointment.


Forgot to add:

25 Years old
5’11 @ 84 Kg ~16% BF

In the last 16 months i have dropped 54Kg in weight…whether that starting weight is the reason for the high Oestradiol I’m not sure.

There are a lot of side effects clenbuterol, in fact there are many many side effects are associated with it and it’s not safe to take regularly. TRT is safer by miles, safer than most prescription drugs, but I doubt any doctor will help you given your numbers.

I doubt some doctors would even consider treating you suspecting you are on steroids. You baseline levels would have been your natural production without any assistance from clenbuterol.

You are wasting your time as well as your doctors time by not getting true baseline numbers, he will probably tell you to stop clenbuterol and come back in 6 months for reassessment.

The added weight is more than likely testosterone and estrogen numbers being high, testosterone can influence water weight via the kidneys and estrogen can increase water weight as well.

How is your blood pressure?

You don’t want to offer how you are feeling or what kind of symptoms you have, if any? Isn’t this the most important question of them all? Who cares about numbers on a piece of paper.

Your B12 is low. Buy 1000mcg methylcobalamin (sublingual) from Amazon and you’ll feel better than you are right now with more energy. You put under your tongue and let it melt. It’s just as effective as B12 shots. The regular b12 pills are crap.

Here’s what I use $8 for 2 months worth.

I put in the OP about being fatigued, low libido also hair has been slightly thinning. Obviously now I know about the low vit d and vit b12 I can supplement them

Thanks for linking me that, I’ll be sure to order them!

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Honestly over all I’ve had a decent 2 cycles of clen apart from cramps and insomnia. I had ceased clen 8 days prior to the blood test thinking that would be enough time for it to leave my system and things would be mostly back to normal.

Even though I had used clen not long before the test, I wasn’t aware that it would elevate test or estrogen etc ?

Blood test was done privately in the UK because our free health care has no interest in trt or even getting a full blood count unless you have been rushed into the hospital dying…costs the government too much money

I didn’t do the test for hopes of trt but mostly just to see how everything stood, I have/had plans of running a test e cycle come the new year and also wanted a general idea on what my hormones was like at the moment.

With regards to your comment about the weight ? I presume you are referencing about my “lost 54kg” that was about me loosing fat mass during a cut and not muscle mass from a cycle before etc etc

My BP isn’t too bad given clen is involved current about 129/79 - 75.

To be clear, you discontinued clenbuterol eight days prior to this blood test?

How long were you using it and what was the dose?

Regarding your fatigue and poor libido, how were you feeling while you were on clen?

Yeah my last dose was 8 days before my blood was drawn, I had just finished off a 2 week cycle with dosages starting at 20mcg and increasing by 20mcg until I hit 140mcg, held 140mcg for 3 days total then tapered down by 20mcg until the 2 weeks was up.

Honest the energy boost was amazing, I had no libido however. But overall I felt pretty good