Bloodwork Review? Need an AI with Nolvadex?

Hey guys I have questions recently my lab test
Total T :336
Free T :11
Lh :5.5
FSH. :5
Prolactin :32(whic is high )
Estrogen: 24
Tsh: 1.6
İgf: 138
After Mr of pituitary gland got diagnosed as partial empty sella any way .
First question is am I primary or secondary hypogona or mixed hypogonadism what’s your suggestion.After I use clomid my lh up to 10.5 fsh become 11 even though lh and fsh increase like a skyrocket testesteron only increase 620 e2 27 with using dim every day even some increase testesteron no benefit it shows that clomid is not working for me I will try nolvadex the question is shoud i take al while using nolvadex thank you

Why should you want to take AI? Scrap that crap. 27 is perfect e2.
The problem with clomid is that it is crappy drug and makes you feel bad. I dont think with nolva you will have better experience but you can try

Prolactin is high, but how high matters, please include reference ranges. IGF-1 is low, peptides may increase your natural production.