Bloodwork Review? High Free/Total T, High Prolactin and Estrogen

So im a 33 yo, lifetime natural, got some bloodwork done to check my levels and got high free and total test but also high prolactin and estrogen… anyone can give me ur opinion on my levels and also how to get them in check? Got my endo visit in some days but would like to know opinions on people who maybe had the same problem

I wouldn’t trust the Free T result unless the Equilibrium Dialysis or Ultrafiltration method was used, but these testing methods aren’t typically available outside the US. The SHBG is helpful in this situation because you can calculate the Free T using both the Total T and SHBG.

There are some men with high T above the normal ranges naturally, the top and bottom 1% are excluded from the normal ranges. Those who are overweight typically have more aromatase enzymes in fat tissue increasing the estrogen as a result, however there are lean men that can naturally have a lot of aromatase.

As for the prolactin, high prolactin can interfere with testicular function (clearly not in your case) and can be the result of medications or a pituitary tumor.

Are you or were you on an any medications or biotin supplements?

What prompted these labs tests in the first place?