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Bloodwork Results


Ok so got a hardcopy of my Test/Oestrogen levels today from the doctor.

Now I think we use differant units of measurement but I think I might have converted it successfully.

Anyway heres my results.

Testosterone: 18.4 nmol/L which I then divided by .035 to get
525 ng/DL (which is the unit of measurement I
believe you guys use in the states).

Oestrogen: 137 pmol/L (not sure if you guys use a differant
measurement for this).

I'm 25 years old, what do you guys think of these levels? I got no referance to go by for the Oestrogen levels? Are they high? Any advice much appreciated.


I don't think that anyone has any idea about what that estrogen number means.

See this:

It looks like your estrogen is 39 pg/ml. If that was a range of 0-53, that would be in normal range, but normal does not mean healthy, only that some men get lab work done who have higher number, who also may feel like crap and have syndrome-X, diabetes etc.

One would be much better off with E2 levels in the lower twenties. Levels in the upper 30's can cause mood, energy, libido, brain fog, fat and fat distribution problems.

I think that that E2 level is probably making a mess of things, lowering your testosterone, increasing SHBG, reducing free testosterone (FT) and interfering with the action of what FT you have.

It would be a good idea to test FT as well.

Are you in need of loosing some weight?


Hey thanks KSman, when I used that conversion table and devided by 3.671 (Estradiol) I came up with the number 37 pg/mL.
But either way me being more towards the high 30s does this mean I will be more susceptible to Estrogenic sides such as gyno when using AAS?

I've never really had a problem with fat to be honest, I think as long as I can remember I've always been able to see my abs to some degree, whether im eating terribly or not. If I cut back on carbs and go relativly hard on cardio for a month or so I absolutely shred up.

Thanks for the conversion table link too, will come in real handy.

EDIT: Also when I used the table you linked me to get my testosterone number I came up with 530 ng/dL. What do you think of this number?


Bump, anyone want to comment on these numbers?


536 is right in the middle of normal range I believe. I think i've seen bushy or someone posting that normal levels can go as high as 1000 and low is anything around 300 or lower?


For a "healthy, average" 25 year old male, most would guess your number to range at 900 or higher. When you gain weight, where does go? Belly, legs, butt, etc.? You say after a month and low carbs your abs come back, how much weight on/off is that?
I agree w/KSman about the possibility of E being an issue. Adex is cheap, and has the possibility of raising your overall T numbers as well.


I don't really hold alot of fat no matter what my diet is. Im on 4000 calories a day at the moment (super clean, and all from solid food)plus my pre and post workout shakes and I can still see abs at 81kg. If I cut the carbs and drop to around 3200 cal a day I end up quite shredded at around 76-77 or so kg after about a month.

I'm still a bit concerned about that estrogen number I got, I wasn't going to bother with AI's for this first cycle seeing as it will only about to 200mg test/w. But seeing my estrogen I might take .25mg of Arimidex EOD aswell.

Sound good guys?


Here's my $.02:

You're lab value of T or E don't matter much if you are on any kind of synthetic hormones, especially for hypertrophy. You're numbers are within the "normal range", as s&s pointed out, but will be outside of the normal range if you are doing your cycle right. That's OK, and in fact, the goal.

The main point is that if you are seeing gains in the gym / mirror, and if you are avoiding E side effects, then DON'T WORRY TOO MUCH about your lab values.

(If you are trying to justify to yourself that you are doing a cycle for medical reasons, you are fooling yourself...unless you have AIDS or testicular cancer in both nuts).


To elaborate a bit, lab values are used to decide is this person functioning normal or abnormal. In your case, you really don't care if you are normal or not because you are increasing your T levels by several hundred percent. Hopefully you know the risks and how to handle the potential side effects. Other than that, your lab values mean diddly-squal.