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Bloodwork Results

Hcg twice a week. .8cc with relaxophine (serm) every day. Thoughts? My understanding is my estrogen will because I am not blocking it from being made but blocking it from binding. I think .8cc is 500iu

Overall except for acne I have no issues mentally or physically.


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Bump for feedback

Everything but E2 looks good. I’ve never heard of relaxophone what is it suppose to do?

My understanding is that it’s a serm. Selective estrogren recepticle modulator. So it’s not like an Ai that stops estrogen from made but it stops estorgen from binding to certain receptors.

So it hopefully stops gyno but do you get high E2 symptoms like ED, loss of libido, feelings too sensitive, water weigh, acne? Gyno is not the only reason I like my E2 between 22-27. Thru years of experimenting I have found I (YMMV) feel my best.

Only symptom I have so far is bacne. I noticed a slight decrease in libido but it’s actually been a good thing for me because truthfully the only way it’s effected me is being able to last longer.

When you say feelings to sensitive what do you mean. Moody?

No when you hear a sad story you choke up or tear up. You over react for a given situation.
Since you are not trying to control your E2 you need to keep close tabs on it. If it continues to climb that could be bad.

Anyone else have thoughts? @systemlord @physioLojik

It looks like you are top range for free test and total test. I would keep going with that treatment route.

This forum is very anti AI, but you are double range. U could try a micro dose of like .125 mg 2x per week to start.

Edit:. AI should be specified as anastrozal.

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I don’t think that is from high E2 it is being on TRT.
TRT has reduced my penile sensitivity by 50%. I can fuck for days and have to really concentrate to climax. Been on TRT for over 4 years and have experimented with my E2 lvls from as low as 22 and high as 125. Top of my range is 35 the LAbCorp sensitive test not the same as your’s.

Thanks guys.

Also I like the microdosage idea. I’ll talk to my doc about it on Tuesday

I think the goal of AI should not be to get to some specific number. I think chasing numbers leads many to crashing their estrogen.

Your estrogen was quite high. Just using a little AI, might bring your estrogen down to a better point. It will probably still be high normal, but you won’t be off the charts.

Thx bro