Bloodwork Results

After a failed cycle ending in disaster and months of insane panic attacks, dizziness and daily headaches i feel somewhat recovered 5 months later.

I finally got my insurance figured out and got bloodwork from my pcp.

SHBG 34.8nmol
Total Testosterone 329.5ng
Free Test 61pg

Waiting to hear back but i feel like i should get my estrogen levels checked too. I still get a little dizzy at times usually at night, and some anxiety still again mostly at night.

It seems low but not crazy low. Thoughts?

Congratulations you have the hormone levels of a 90-100 year old man. Please include lab ranges, this will be the first thing people ask for before helping.

Almost nobody is going to feel great near the bottom of these ranges, it’s far from normal as one can get. No one feels their best in these ranges, nor is a 100 year old man. Never let a doctor tell you your normal otherwise you’d feel normal. Your symptoms sound severe, I had daily headache and dizziness when I was lower than you at 119 ng/dL, tons of diseases below 440 ng/dL.


SHGB 17.3-65.8
TT 241-827
FT 47-244

you really need a thyroid panel too. check tsh, t3 free, t4 free.

I think he tested for this as well but no results yet. Hes also checking on my er reports from when i went in with a bpm of 190 and thought i was having a heart attack