Bloodwork Results

Test serum: 676

LDL: 136
HDL: 105
Triglycerides: 67

Total Cholesterol:254

Now I thought “shit, too high”. She said it’s fantastic and some of the best labs she’s seen in awhile.

23 year old that eats meat and eggs, nuts, vegetables, and fruits. Bacon and eggs for breakfast. Drink once or twice a week, lifting 3 times a week. 240 pounds (aiming for 210 ish).

Any other thoughts? Oh, and my chlamydia is now definitely 100% gone, heh. Lesson learned. (Test, treated, test again).

I get 6g of DHA/EPA a day and take 750mg of niacin three times a day… on top of my multi.

High cholesterol runs in the family big time and I have had high cholesterol before and had to take a small dose of vytorin. I don’t remember the exact numbers, but I weighed 290 and I remember my HDL was in the 30’s and the LDL was like 150 ish.

Well, your total is high, but you also have a nice high HDL

My total cholesterol is 103, but I did an at-home test that only gives the total :frowning:

I’m surprised the doc didn’t want you to take Lipitor or something, considering how they prescribe it like candy.