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Bloodwork Results Tracker


Hi all, I was wondering if any of you use an app or website that you can input and archive all of your bloodwork in for easy reference? I’ve been looking in the AppStore, but haven’t found anything. Thank you in advance


Why not just excel for tracking your bloodwork?


I could. I keep my bloodwork in a binder as of now. I just though in today’s day and age something on our phones would be beneficial. Input your data, and it would give you suggestions on what might be going on, ways to get optimal levels. Diet plans etc. I looked on the App Store and the have glucose monitoring and what not that have graphs of vitals, but nothing in terms of hormone management. So I guess there’s nothing as of now?


Microsoft Healthvault allows you to track bloodwork results. I haven’t tried it in any depth, but might be worth a look. It’s a free download.

Apple and Google have similar products. Google Fit seems to be more of an API based thing, than somewhere to store records. No idea about Apple’s offering.


I will check it out. Thank you


From my selfish perspective; its better for me to have labs in text. If I am working the thread and want to refer back to TSH, or even see if TSH was tested or I discussed TSH earlier, I can ^F and search the thread for TSH. Can’t do that with labs in attachments of photos.