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Bloodwork Results, Still Not Feeling Myself

Just feel like my anxiety is getting abit out of control don’t like meeting people. Sweating all the time lack of energy feeling shaky can anybody help please I’m taking 175mg of sustanon per week split 2x

That is not nearly enough information for anyone to help you.

Also get gyno flare ups. What other information do I need please iron yuppie

Are these the only labs you have? Estrogen would be good as well. It would be nice to see a full panel… .

These are the only ones I have sorry I’m due a test soon I was thinking about lowering my dose for 6 weeks see how I feel

I wouldn’t mind I’ve done multiply cycles in the past of 600mgs of test and always felt really good since getting diagnosed with low t and a varicocele just carnt seem to find myself in the world

Workplace stress
Home stress
Past blood work when you were feeling better

Age 31
Height 6 foot 1
Weight 15 stone 4lb
Train 3 x per week
Diet has been the same for the last 10 years
Sleep is on point 8 hours

No work stresses love my job as a mechanic

Home stresses everybody has them I have 4 children that keep me on my toes when I have the energy

I carnt seem to remember a time when I was last feeling good it’s hard to explain it’s like been detached from the world I live in very strange I love my family just want to feel good again all my doctors like to give me is sertraline but I refuse.

I use Ed test cypionate subq injections, so a bit different than you. However, from the limited labs posted, I would say you need to lower your dose. Some people feel better at higher levels of test, and some like me get anxiety. I’m on 24mg Ed injections right now, and it’s ideal for me. I’ve been on this protocol for over a year, with no ai, and it works for me. When I was at 35mg daily injections (original dosage given to me by my dr/ actually it was 250mg once weekly but I broke it into every day injections) I had severe anxiety, insomnia, and panic attacks. I dropped to 30mg Ed and it got a little bit better. I dropped to 28mg Ed, and things got much better. Still had some anxiety, and insomnia. Dropped to 26mg, and almost all bad symptoms were gone. Dropped to 24mg, and bingo. My free t numbers have stayed up, and me e is on the high side of normal. This is where I feel best. Not saying it’s for you, but a lot of people have to drop to get to the right place. Everyone gets the honeymoon phase, and then go to feeling like sh!t and wonder what happened. Not everyone can handle high dose of test for prolonged periods. Just something to think about, and research. Just make slow changes and give it several weeks to see what happens. Far to many people go making tons of changes, and want immediate results. Then they get lost, and don’t know what to do. Small steps, and give it time to change.

Thankyou I will try a lower dose maybe 140mg per week and see how I feel. Fingers crossed you are right just need to get this under control now cause everything in my life is perfect other than hormones

Try maybe a 10-15% reduction, then give it time. Don’t go too big too fast. If you begin to feel better, you know you’re going the right direction. If you go to big too fast, you might miss the right dosage.

Thanks guys I’ve lowered it to 150mgs per week fingers crossed I can get on track