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Bloodwork Results on Clomid

3 weeks into clomid
Here is the full bloodwork
As I am not sure about what everything means could you help me out “translating” all this? haha

My doctor says im back into normal T range but i dont think so (even though started at 60)

@KSman is qualified to read your lab results. What is your age, height, weight, ect?

I am 24, 5"9 145lbs and an tennis player

For being 24 having your total testosterone in the 300s is low. Are you coming off a cycle or pro hormones?

no coming off a pretty bad eating disorder, got my T all the way down to 60

Well going from 60 to 352 is a good improvement but still seems to be low for your age. There is a chance that your t will continue to rise as your body recovers from the eating disorder. You can either talk to your dr and see if he will help you try to raise your t higher, find a new dr, get the drugs on your own, or wait a while, take another test and see how your t recovers.

What drug would you recommend?
Also I ve had problem with frequent urination?
Is it due to my low aldosterone?

Using more clomid or nolvadex. The question about the urination I don’t know. When people do long steroid cycles (which I know you did not) the pct needs to be ran for a longer period of time to get the most benefit out of. Some guys will run clomid or nolvadex for as long as eight weeks to restart their system. Some cases for guys who have been shut down for a long time, they will run a pct come off for 4-6 weeks, do blood work, and then if they are still low they will run a pct again. It’s fact that your test has increased to 352 with 3 weeks of treatment tells us that your Hpta system is restarting the production of testosterone. I would think with more time you will be producing more test. Recovery usually is a slow process after being shut down for a long time.

Two threads for the same lab work?

Need you to keep your case in one thread and not fractured.

Please add some of this info to your other thread.