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Bloodwork Results. Need Help, Libido/ED Problems

Hello guys I need your help please with my blood work.

Testosterone=48.80 nmol/L
Sex Hormone Binding Globulin=33.00 nmol/L
Free Androgen Index=147.90
Prolactin=345.00 mIU/L
Oestradiol=58.00 pmol/L

I’m Running 600 Test Cyp per week. I have a Problem with libido. Erection is there but only on about 60% and sex drive feels kind of low. I got my blood work done trough private online lab. Thank you in advance!

From a quick glance it could be prolactin. Are you using an AI with the cycle how far into cycle are you?

9 weeks in. AI .5mg Anastrozole E3D

The reason I asked about an AI is because those estrogen levels are fairly low for how high your test levels are so I figured you were taking something.

I mean there could be a ton of reasons. I hate to speculate. But the thing that stand out to me from just these test is the prolactin being elevated.

any suggestion ? Caber?

Eh I don’t think they are high enough to warrant caber use and your not using and compounds that are going to spike it much more. And it’s not like we know for sure that’s the problem.

I would suggest high dose P5P(activated b6 buy it off Amazon) you can go as high as 250mg/day

I would try this and see if it helps if you do decide to go the caber route 0.25mg x2 week is where I would start

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Thank you Zeek for quick response, I will wait on caber but I do have https://www.amazon.com/Vitamin-Timed-Release-Tablet-Pack/dp/B001G7R2X4 is that good enough?

That’s regular vitimain b6 and it’s time released. I’m not a big fan of over dosing in vitamin b6 to bring prolactin down which is why I suggested using p5p the activated form. You can use much lower doses without some of the possible nasty side effects thta come with high dose vitamin b6 and I personally believe it to be much more effective

Thank you very much sir for you time and help!!! Good forum :slight_smile:

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