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Bloodwork Results Interpretation?

Hi Guys,

I never posted on here but read the forum a lot and know there are many knowledgeable people here. I received my bloodwork results but I have a hard time with the interpretation. I’m from Eastern Europe and the reference ranges seem very different compared to what I usually see from others posted on here.

I’m 30 year old, 5’11 tall, 170 lbs, slim body type. Normal body and facial hair. I don’t really work out, just some light weightlifting at home. I think I have about 20% body fat.

Symptoms: it was always very hard for me to fall asleep, I wake up tired and I get easily fatiqued throughout the day. I experience very low motivation, lazyness, mood swings and low concentration. Interestingly I’ve never had morning wood, altough I always had high sex drive and good erection.

If I understand my labwork correctly, my TSH is good, my Testosterone levels seem to be good, but my Estradiol is very high? Please let me know what you think.

TSH: 0,700 mIU/l (range: 0,550 - 4,78)

Albumin: 47,0 g/L (range: 35,0 - 52,0)

Estradiol: 176,7 pmol/l (range: 0,0 - 146,1)

SHBG: 24,1 nmol/l (range: 17,3 - 65,8)

Testosterone: 22,210 nmol/l (range: 5,720 - 26,140)

Free testosterone percentage: 2,17 % (range: 1,53 - 2,88)

Free testosterone concentration: 0,482 nmol/l (range: 0,198 - 0,619)

Biologically active testosterone concentration: 12,300 nmol/l (range: 4,360 - 14,300)

Biologically active testosterone percentage: 55,4 % (range: 35,0 - 66,3)

DHEA-S: 13,23 umol/l (range: 0,94 - 15,4)

E2 is high and needs to be 88 pmol/l. Your FT is 16.4 ng/dL = 2.59 %, 2-3% is normal. Your case is a simple one, go to the gym. You need to stay away from alcohol and food that converts to estrogen.

It would be a good idea to start working out, this will improve your situation.

Thanks for the response and suggestions! Do you think I should take anti-estrogenic medication? If E2 needs to be 88 pmol/l, my level is more than double of the healthy range which is worrysome.

Do you think my low motivation and fatique can be because of that? And most importantly, can I expect my testosterone levels to go up if I can successfully lower my E2?

Also, why my lab’s testosterone range is between 5,720 - 26,140 nmol/l? I see that normally the range is usually between 9 - 38 nmol/l everywhere else. Thanks guys!

High E2 will definitely cause fatigue and low motivation, no testosterone won’t go up. The issue is E2 binds to receptor sites blocking testosterone, testosterone floats right by and this is why you feel the way you do.

An AI is needed, small dosage.