Bloodwork Results: High E2, SHBG Higher Than Ever. Not Sure What to Do

So I decided to go on TRT after blood tests showed I had high SHBG and moderate t-levels hence I had low free t levels. I also had high prolactin.
My protocol was:
125mg sustanon a week
500iu hcg 3 times and week
0.25mg anastrozole eod
0.25mg cabergoline a week

I felt good on this protocol but not amazing. E2 and prolactin was a nightmare to get dialled in and I had to adjust dosage frequently.
Anyway after a seamen analysis I was shown to be producing zero sperm even with the hcg and as me and my partner were talking about trying for a baby again I decided to do a reset and come off everything and I would just continue the caber to keep prolactin in check. My reset was to continue hcg for 2 weeks and then clomid 0.25mg eod for a week and then every 3rd day for a week. My last tablet was about 6 weeks ago.
I had a blood test the other day with my new protocol of just cabergoline and this is the results.
My shbg is highest it’s ever been and e2 is high as well, could the high e2 be down to high LH? Children are no longer an issue for me so can go back on trt if I want I’m just not sure I need to.
My t levels seem to be pretty decent it’s just my shbg that seems to be the problem and I’m putting the high e2 down to a anomaly.
Has anybody got any advice or is trt the only thing to lower shbg?