Bloodwork results: Advice?

Hey! Just wondering if I could have some advice please…

So I’ve been to the doctor’s as around 6 months ago I came off steroids completely… within the last few weeks I’ve been struggling with extreme fatigue and bouts of depression & ed due to no ambition for it etc.

I’m just wondering if anyone can take a look at my blood work as I know the doctors love to say your in “normal range” even if that’s low…

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

I’m 33 years old and in good shape

As far as testosterone status, testing is incomplete. Total T doesn’t define testosterone deficiency, the Free T drives the effects at the receptor level. Total T is a function of SHBG, which binds 98% of your testosterone (Free T).

A Total T and SHBG or Total T and Free T should have been tested. Estrogen should also be tested. Many doctors simply don’t understand sex hormones. Sex hormones education is seriously lacking in mainstream medical schools and a lot of doctors are operating in the dark.

A lot of doctors want nothing to do with TRT, their into other things, and because steroids is associated with cheating athletes, toxic masculinity and young men who abuse steroids and die young.

If your SHBG were high, you would see a higher Total T, which tells you nothing of your circulating Free T. I once recall a member with a Total T at 1995 ng/dL, SHBG 248 (ranges 20-55 nmol/L) and Free T abysmally low.

Thank you for this response. :star2::+1:

Very detailed and it’s helped me decide on my next steps!

I think the best route then would as trying to get a doctor’s appointment is a nightmare ordering a kit online!

Any recommendations for the UK and which test would be best? Will update the forum with results to hopefully help anyone else in future!

Medichecks is a private lab company in the UK, offering 300 different types of lab testing.

The NHS is a bad choice for your TRT and treatment options aren’t stellar or always ideal. There’s also private cash only clinics, Balance My Hormones and the Men’s Health Clinic for your TRT needs.