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Bloodwork Results. Advice?

Hi Guys

New to the forum after doing some research on TRT. Absolutely overwhelmed with the info out there and was hoping you guys can help. Age 34, 5ft 10", Weight is around 14st 10lb, probably around 29BMI at the minute.

I’ve never really been in shape, always had puppy fat around my stomach but not really elsewhere on my body. Not much air on my legs, arms, cheeks and neck.

Diet has been good and bad at times, really good when I’ve been hitting the gym hard but didn’t see any good results, aesthetically wise.

Had bloods done on Feb 2018 and the info noted on the results is as follows:

Testosterone - 21.8 nmol/l
Range - 9.00 - 29.00nmol/L

Prolactin - 285 miu/l
Range - 86.00 - 324.00miu/L

TSH Level - 2.65 miu/l
Range - 0.30 - 5.00miu/L

Been really sluggish and down since last year, sex drive isn’t the best, motivational low etc. Got some bloods done through forthwithlife internet service last week and those results are as follows:

Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH) - 5.8IU/L
Range - 1.35-13.95

Free Androgen Index - 39.14 Ratio
Range - 23.28 - 107.12

Free Testosterone (calculated) - 0.293nmol/L
Range - 0.19-0.65

Luteinising Hormone (LH) - 7.09IU/L
Range 1.53 - 9.68

Oestradiol (Oestrogen) - 110pmol/L
Range - 37.93 - 166.95

Prolactin - 344mU/L
Range - 83.42 - 333.72

Sex Hormone-Binding Globulin - 44.2nmol/L
Range - 17.39 - 55.72

Testosterone (total) - 17.3nmol/L
Range - 7.99 - 32.63

Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH) - 2.97miU/L
Range - 0.22 - 5.04

Hoping someone can help me out and advise if my Test is low and requires attention or my oestrogen is too high and requires attention.

I’ve took steroids in the past when I was 21 and 28. I didn’t come off them properly – no pCT. It affected me bad for about 10 weeks but eventually I felt better. No idea what I was taking at the time but I was having a shot of 2ml at 200mg per week.

I don’t mind getting back on something at a smaller dose and accompanied buy other substances to ensure there is no ongoing depression or anxiety etc.

We need the lab ranges with the numbers. You took Enanthate or Cypionate at that dose, most likely cypionate. Your test number is 628 ng/DL. That’s an okay number depending on the lab range. Most guys do not do PCT, and end with fairly normal test production after 10 weeks or so of recovery. Your Estradiol might be a problem, but we need ranges to know.


I believe ‘Normal’ ranges are different between USA and UK. Am I correct???

I’m in the UK btw.

Thanks in advance

Test dropped, TSH increased. Drink, drugs, sleep, stress?

No. Not particularly. The measurement units differ mostly because the US doesn’t like metric. Ranges are determined by the majority of tests performed on the general population, which is obviously mostly sick people. They are not based on any understanding of optimum or best, simply on what the majority is. Individual labs have individual ranges based on their equipment and adjusted to the mean average. So, post the ranges.

Is this unusual?

I drink about three bottles of beer a week, max. Not into drugs, had the odd line throughput my life. Sleeps ok, have been treated for stress and depression in the past.

Would a small dose of around 80mg to 100mg per week of test get me back to a decent level. Although the blood tests say i’m within a normal level of the range I assume anyone who is at the higher end of the range is full of hair, muscle and sex drive.

It doesn’t really work that way. Top of the range is just a number where some guys are naturally. Some feel better there, some worse. You are not augmenting your test level. Your dose IS your test when you go on TRT, your natural production will stop. So a low dose will not simply “top up” your number, it will replace it with a likely lower number if it’s a low dose.

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The main problem here is your liver is increasing SHBG for whatever reason and it’s binding all your testosterone and decreasing the bioavailable portion of testosterone. While you don’t have secondary or primary hypogonadism, TRT is needed to correct the low free testosterone.

If you look at your LH level it’s high normal and is the appropriate response, sadly the pituitary will never be able to pump out enough to overcome your high SHBG. Your SHBG is binding androgens very well, in fact a little too well for your own good.

More concerning is estrogen is towards the higher end of the range while bioavailable testosterone is on the lower end, so when you go on TRT and elevated free testosterone, you will need something to help control estrogen.

The standard are also very different, standard for TRT being approved are higher here and lower everywhere else in the world. UK is one of the worst places for getting proper treatment for TRT or thyroid.

Liver?? They tested albumin and the result was 46.2g/l. Range 33.95-51.5

Could that be an issue?

Taking all this into account is it worth me starting trt? Should I see a doc or would they laugh me out their office?

Your SHBG is above middle of the range, but I wouldn’t necessarily call it high. Your liver produces SHBG, which has two half lives. I know, that doesn’t make a lot of sense. For the most part you are dealing with a 7 day half-life. Your SHBG will climb when you have low testosterone and vice-versa. High SHBG is generally considered a good thing as it is an indicator of low insulin resistance (Metformin raises your SHBG) and associated with certain positive health markers. It is probably high in response to the low test level. Maybe. The question is, why is you E2 so high? And your prolactin is very high as well. The wise course is to determine what’s broke before you try to fix it. That being said, patience is a virtue. Some of these things work themselves out over a little bit of time and conservative treatment.