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Bloodwork Resluts


Hello my fellow Pimps & Ho's....

My first post .... and yes, I do have a twisted sense
of humor. But I am serious about working out and staying in TOP phyical condition. I race MX & SX, and need all the energy I can get. Not to mention a lot of T to go faaaast.

I had a doc prescribe me some androgel which I took for about 1 yr while training heavy. I saw and felt results. I was taking 10mg every day and sometimes stopping on the weekends to give my system break.

Last month I weaned down over 4-5 weeks and stayed off for about 1 month.

I took a blood test after being off for about a month, and here are the results.

Test = 691 ng/dl
(I am assuming my nuts are still working)

Estrogens(Total) = 189 pg/ml

My question is .... Is my E too high ???
Should I be taking something for this ???

I have not grown tits, but I almost felt like crying one evening while watching a sad chick flick with my wife.

I had tested once while on the andro, and came back around 1200. ( I felt pretty good at this level)

My pre andro level was around 750

Any input ..... would be GREATLY appreciated.

Thanks !


You need to print the male lab ranges for those numbers, especially the TE.

The test that most use and understand is E2 estrodiol. Range for that is often 0 - 53 (male). Don't do TE again.

Without the male lab range for the TE, hard to know what to say.

Comparing TT before and after.... where the tests from the same lab?


Most BB's want the E level in the 20-30 range. That is where my doctor wants me. High E has been known to make men cry during chick flicks. It used to make me sniffle at the "Home Makeover" shows too. Amy Devers is really sexy in a smart kind of way too. Just my .02



Here were the ranges from the lab (Labcorp)

Test range = 241 - 827 / Mine = 691
(Taken around 8 am)

Total estrogens range - 40 - 115 (adult male)
Mine = 189 (HIGH)

Should I be concerned over this ???

What could be taken, and how much of it to bring it back in line ??

Pls help ... I do not want to shop at victoria secrets .... for my bras !

Thanks !!!!!!!!!!!!


I think you're worrying too much about a minor numerical inconvenience.

Your estrogen is showing as we speak.


Get some research chem liquid arimidex/anastrozole. Use 2mg/wk, best taken every other day because of 1/2 life. Front load with 1.5mg on the first day. Get E2 tested after one month. You can do your own tests via LEF.org which uses LABCORP.

You will pay for that out of pocket. With the results from the blood work, you can adjust the amount of anastrozole. Lower 20s or (17-20) on that test is ideal from a libido point of view.

You will probably need more than one E2 test to get dosing right and determine that you are at a steady end point and not still in transition. If you loose significant amounts of body fat, the effectiveness of any given dose would be expected to increase.

When you lower E2, LH and T will increase, SHBG will decrease, FT will increase, reduced competitive action of E at T receptors will increase the effectiveness of the T. Your T levels will increase.

When you lower E, you may notice as a first result, increases in nocturnal and morning wood as well as libido and increased sensitivity. Degree of such changes depends on how much E was creating such negative effects.

Other adjustments such as energy, mood, clarity of thought etc can sometimes take 2-3 months to complete. Again, all relative to amount and duration of negative E effects.

Avoid any and all items containing lavender oil or tea tree oil as these have been shown to have strong estrogenic effects in some males and should be considered a hazard to all. These items might also skew the results of total estrogen lab work as well.


I want to know if 'Resluts' is more humor.



My prior E test was 105pg/nL. I took liquid a-dex 1mg day 1, 1mg day 3, and .25mg EOD until day 14. I had my blood work done on day 15 due to the 1/2 life of three days for a-dex, and the serum level max at day fourteen. My last test gave me an E (Q-Estradiol) result of 44pg/nL.

I am now on 1.5mg/week and will have testing done next month. According to the literature, a-dex at 1mg/day will lower E levels 80% in 15 days. With that in mind, you could get to 37 in 15 days. I hope this helps.



The literature probably is for use by women in a cancer therapy setting... where the competitive nature of T vs E at the aromatase reaction sites is not an issue. If taking gear or TRT, the amount needed will go up with the dose of the T.


Wow .... Thanks !

You guys really know your $hit !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Now ... where do I buy Liquid A-dex ???

Should I get a prescription from the same doc who gave me the androgel ???

Or are there better sources online ??


How much would REZ-V work?