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Bloodwork Readings and Advice

Hi I’m new to the forum and just looking for some help understanding my HPTA bloodwork results, I’m 23 been using steroids on and off since age of 19 maybe shouldn’t of but it’s done now And I’m looking to correct it I won’t be using for a long time again…
always used good pcts clomid/nolva and last time I cycled was 4 months ago which was 12 week test/tren cycle I used hcg for ten days after last pin then did a cycle of clomid 100/100/50/50 and nolva 40/20/20/20
Anyway I feel as though my testosterone never recovered, poor libido, always tired, no motivation etc and I’ve had blookwork done and I need help understanding if these are good readings or not as me and my girlfriend have been trying to have a baby and we are currently struggling
Serum testosterone level 11.6 nmol/L (seems low from looking at online charts)
LH 5.8 IU/L
FSH 1.8 IU/L
Is this something that’s gonna slowly get better with time ? Anyone’s expert opinion on this would be greatly appreciated

This should probably be in the Pharma forum.

Need more detailed lab results. Include the ranges in all of them, please.

Free T
Total T
Repost LH and FSH with ranges as well, please.

Also, how many cycles? Total time on cycle over the last three years? Etc.

Will post the ranges in the morning although the only tests were cortisol, testosterone, LH, FSH, liver function and thyroid.
I cycled 90% of the time doing 12/16 week cycles with maybe only a month off after each pct then straight back on, last 2 cycles I used hcg at 500iu x2 a week cause I had very bad testicular atrophy

Serum cortisol level (XE2xW) 575 nmol/L
FSH 1.8IU/L [1.5-12.4]
LH 5.8IU/L [1.7-8.6]
Serum testosterone level (XE2dr) 11.6 nmol [8.6-29.0]
Serum TSH level (XaELV) 2.1mU/L [0.27-4.5]

Can post all liver function tests if you needed…
My doc only said to cover these tests it took enough convincing just to get this done, is the testosterone level low? And what do the range brackets mean really? Thanks

Cortisol is on the higher side of normal, TSH isn’t optimal but isn’t enough to diagnose hypothyroidism or subclinical hypothyroidism. Get labs of free and total T3 and free and total T4. Your FSH is low, indicating secondary hypogonadism. Given that you were off for only one month after PCT, it is very possible you have destroyed your natty T production and will now require TRT, which is an issue that could have been avoided had you waiting decent intervals between cycles to allow the body to make an adequate recovery. The general consensus is after PCT stay off for AT LEAST the amount of time your cycle went on for. For instance
Wks 1-12 Test E 250mg e3.5 days
Weeks 1-12 HCG 250-500mg 2x/week
Weeks 14-18
Nolva 40/40/20/20
Clomid 100/100/50/50
(or only one, if I had to pct I’d personally pick nolva due to Clomid’s nasty side mental sides.)
Then from AFTER pct you should’ve waited at least 12 weeks, preferably even more. It’s too late now. A TT of 11.6nmol is very low for your age, I consider a TT level of 11.6nmol to be a clear indicator of hypogonadism, the reason you have low libido and no motivation is likely due to how low your testosterone is. A 23 year old in his prime should have a total test level of 24-30 nmol on average. Was the cortisol taken in the morning or afternoon? If it was taken during the afternoon or evening then it is way over range, if it was taken in the morning then it is on the very high side of normal. Try a HPTA restart, PCT again if you want, if it doesn’t work then look into TRT, hopefully you are in the USA and not a country like AUS, because in AUS or UK it will be bloody hard to get TRT and protocals suck here.

Thank for your response I appreciate your help, im from the UK and this test was took first thing in the morning
I was expecting it to be as serious as this I’m angry at myself for not giving myself enough recovery time, I’ll run a cycle of clomid and nolva again then get retested
Final question - do you think my fertility has been affected

My source has recently stocked “recovery plus” tablets from “onarmour” which each tablet contains 50mg clomid, 20 nolva, 20 proviron
Im going to do 1 tab ED for 4 weeks and have another HPTA check

Nooooooooooooooo don’t run proviron with pct, proviron is suppressive (regardless of the broscience) it may be minimally suppressive at doses of 20mg however it is still an anabolic androgenic steroid, however proviron can be used as a fertility aid. As for fertility, it’s hard to say, if you aren’t fertile there are many things that can be done now a days, they can even take immature sperm and make a baby out of it (I was conceived in vitro that way), both my parents were infertile and I probably am too. I wouldn’t worry about it, there’s always options. Trt for life isn’t the worst thing in the world if that’s what you require, however if it can be avoided I would avoid it. Most people after chronic AAS use regain fertility, it may even take a few years (which may or may not be worth the wait in your opinion) but it’s more likely than not your sperm count will come back if it’s low or zero at the moment, as for your testosterone levels, they may always stay at the level of subclinical hypogonadism.

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Why on earth did they construct an all in one recovery pill with suppressive properties
And that’s great news that the Sperm should return with time that was my main worry, as for libido it seems fine there’s just no real desire for sex anymore which is sad really at my age :joy:
Thanks for your input

What is your sperm count currently? Have you gotten in checked? As for no desire for sex, I was 16 when I was put on TRT, imagine being in your mid teenage years and not being interested in sex at all!

Currently don’t know cause my doctor is saying he wants me to wait 3 months of unsuccessful attempts before having my Sperm checked, he’s nearly positive there’s not much wrong with me and that my figures are only slightly low and they will stableise, I think I need to be referred to and endocrinologist cause I don’t believe my doctor has enough experience with hormones to give me a correct plan to get this sorted unfortunately he just looks at the range brackets and doesn’t realise just how low my natty T is

If you’re in the U.K. On the nhs, private clinics are pretty much the only way to go for trt/male hormones, docs and endos there don’t know shit, seriously, good luck on getting trt from the NHS if your natty t is above like 6-7nmol, even then, it’s still a pain in the ass and just like Australia… the protocols suck. At least that’s what I’ve heard and experienced here in Australia.