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Bloodwork Questions: Pre-Cycle, During and Post-Cycle

What’s up y’all

So I’m about to do my 6th cycle soon and I started researching blood labs more and what you need to get checked as I’m getting a little older and care some more now than I did before. In my experience, ice only ever gone post cycle (post PCT) to make sure everything was all good but I can see now ad I care more how that can be problematic. And on top of that, I have only told my doc that I did a roof cycle and need my test/estrogen levels checked.

Going forward, I now see that you need to have CBC, CMP, LH, FSH, LIPIDS, TOTAL T & FREE T checked at a minimum when you get blood work done whether it is pre, during or post cycle (correct me if I’m wrong there). My question is, how do I ask for a blood test like this to be administered? Do I just concede to my Doc that I’m a frequent user and currently about to start/currently on a cycle (depending on whether I go in for pre work or blood work during) and need these specific levels checked? Or how does that work? What I’m asking is, what is the appropriate way to go about this and how do you go about asking for something like this?

Also, if I’m checking my shot during cycle a couple weeks in, in my mind I will only be doing that to check whether I need to take more/less of my AI to tweak my dose depending on the cycle so I can keep my estrogen in check but is there anything else I should have checked during cycle?