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Bloodwork Question: High Free T, Normal Total T


I found your online forum and was hoping someone here would be able to shed some light on a blood work question.

Currently 53 years old, worked in construction since a teen. I have been on TRT since Aug of 2014 after a year of feeling pretty messed up.

Short story is I got an infection in my leg that almost cost me my leg and never really felt 100% after that and then over time started to feel physically and psychologically not right and didn`t realize it for a while but Libido was history.

Numerous tests of all kinds including a doctor that said I needed to be on anti-depressants. Finally ended up getting tested for testosterone and found that things weren’t working anymore, never really found out why.

The doc started me on AndroGel 5mg which helped for a while but never really felt good again just not as crappy. The chart of my blood tests below has some comments and a timeline explaining some of this journey.

I will say that finding a doctor that has knowledge on TRT is a challenge at best. I had one doctor when I asked about TRT tell me that if he prescribed cocaine I would feel better also but that didn’t mean he should do that either.

Finally found someone that understood, somewhat.

I now inject Testosterone Enanthate (DELATESTRYL) 130mg once a week IM as of November of 2018.

I do feel sustainably better than a few years back.

My question is based on the blood work below what would cause Bio-Available Testosterone to be so far over range when total testosterone is in range.

This is mostly blood work Ive had done. My doctor tests total T once a year and thats it.

Is once a week okay from what I read a lot of guys split the dosage a few times a week.

Thanks for any feedback.

You have lowish SHBG and lowish E2 for that testosterone level. So more of your testosterone remains unconverted and unbound.

Your T labs look great on paper, you SHBG is <30 which means lots of free androgens floating around which is what matters. We have some members who feel better injecting smaller doses more frequently, you may be just fine on weekly dosing.

Doing labs once yearly isn’t the norm, I have to check levels every 6 months and is mandatory.

Thanks for the quick responses.