Bloodwork Opinions

Just wondering if anyone could give me a second opinion on the below results please? Prolactin is sky high and I need a retest in 8 weeks to see if it’s the same but I’ve been told it can be caused by stress and unfortunately on the day I had the bloods done I was very stressed.

I’ve had low mood for a long while now and libido isn’t great but I don’t know why. I’m just not that enthusiastic about anything so I thought I’d get my T levels checked to be safe. Doctor thinks everything is fine but I wanted to make sure he wasn’t just looking at the green markers.

For reference I am 30 years old, and these were taken at about 2pm.


The question you have to ask yourself is what came first, the stress of something else wrong causing the stress. A lot of doctors in the UK/Europe have no clue about normal thyroid levels, only what they were taught in medical school which isn’t exactly accurate.

Prolactin is regulated by dopamine, an underactive thyroid can cause high prolactin because thyroid hormone regulates dopamine and if dopamine is low you would see high prolactin.

Your FT levels are not the best, sure FT is in range, but if you are meant to function normally at the top of the ranges, you will have symptoms and most doctors overly focus on normal sick care reference ranges and not necessarily healthy ranges.

You need to get prolactin down and see if TT and FT levels increase. If you didn’t have high prolactin and considering your LH value and compare it with your TT and Free T values, I would say your testicles are not very responsive to LH stimulation.

The FT calculation assumes everyone will have identical FT levels at a given TT and SHBG level, but we know there must be a variability in the binding force of SHBG between individuals. I see this example in labs between individuals on T-Nation and Excelmale.

If you doctor is saying high prolactin is fine, I would get a new doctor asap!

His doctor didn’t say it was fine, he said he would retest in 8 weeks to confirm results.

Free T looks pretty much spot on.

Its the LH and FSH balance which looks odd to me. What could cause that?