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Bloodwork on Test Enanthate. What to Check?

Hi All,

I want to do private blood test, however never done it before.

11 weeks into test e gear, what should I test for?


What are you wanting to check? If you’re just verifying your gear is good TT, FT, E2. If you want more general health info add a CBC w/lipids and a CMP. At 11 weeks in I would save the money and test a couple weeks after PCT in which case you wuold want to add FSH/LH to it.

I’m on keto diet, nearly full organic and clean, with very occasional cheat meal or carb back load, so I presume my LDL will be high by default.

It is more probably later on regarding results after PCT. Or after cycle to know my health etc

My LDL was the lowest it has been and HDL the highest on a keto diet. I would probably buy one of the “bodybuilder” packages on discount labs or similar websites. You can look through all the different things they test, but they will likely save you some money buying a package.

I would rethink a keto diet while cycling though. I would want to put on a lot of muscle, and I don’t think keto is optimal. You will likely get results, but I think going a bit higher with healthy carbs would yield better gains.

One thread about swelling after injection
One thread about wanting to come off and needing PCT advise
One thread about what labs to check on cycle.

Maybe all of these could be combined? Might help with better answers if we’ve got the whole picture in one thread

Cheers mate fair comments. Just a lot of changes In personal life, and suggesting different topics etc. I am trying to place subject in relevant topics.

However idea is I’m on underground gear, want to come off and test, than go on TRT legally and see how it goes, which in UK is bit more complicated.

Currently with lockdowns Brexit and Covid I wouldn’t my main focus is Head/Health/weight reduction, which all going good so far, as -30kg stones before T, +1.5 stone on T, finishing 6000 enanthate cycle.

I wasn’t playing with gear since 25ish now I am 32, and I would say I am not looking to get crazy jacked, it all about right balance for me at the moment.

Hopefully that brings better picture