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Bloodwork on PCT


I ran a cycle of Test E for a little under 14 months. I know thats ridiculous, but its my truth. Towards the very end I went to an endo and spilled the beans asking him what I should do to come off. He told me not to take anything and just let my body recovery. He did mention tapering off by cutting my dose in half every 2 weeks until I went completely off.
I decided to finish the cycle with Test P. I ran it at 200/week for 2 weeks, 100/week for 2 weeks and 50/week for two weeks. 4 days after my last pin i began my PCT and have been taking Nolva 40mg daily for the past 4 weeks. 28 days into my PCT i got my blood work done and here were the results

Test- 974ng/dL
LH- 12.3 mIU/mL
FSH- 4.2mIU/mL’
Estradiol- 19pg/mL

I’m no expert, but those numbers seem very high especially considering the fact that my HPTA was probably completely shut down for over a year. Is my system back on and normal this quick or is this all the nolvadex speaking here??


The nolva’s doing what you want it to do.

Have another couple of weeks running the nolva at 20mg, then give it a month or so and get bloods again