Bloodwork on Current TRT Protocol

I got my blood work report and this is my current protocol. 0.01ml of Sustanon every day and 500 IUS of HCG every 2 days. I feel great and my mood and libido are also great. Although, I have those dips in my libido once in a while and I can also feel the effects of high estradiol at times because my erections won’t be strong but it’s getting better. I have never used any AI and don’t plan on using them.
I am planning on travelling out for 5 days and I don’t want to carry my gear. So,I wanted to know can I do a 0.05mg for the 5 days once along with 500 IUS of HCG before I leave since I do 0.01mg every day of Sustanon.I am just concerned with the aromatization that might happen due to a sudden bump in the dosage.
Please can anyone advise me what is the best option? @systemlord


You really feel good with e2 at 162pg? I think that’s the highest I’ve seen.

Anyway, I don’t exactly know what .05mg of Sust looks like, but it sounds like you’re getting most of your benefits from the HCG EOD. Is there a reason you don’t want to bring it with you?

@swoops39 - You have to factor in the Test levels. It’s at 1000 ng/dl. Estradiol is supposed to increase when Testosterone increases. But I also feel that the spike in estradial is because I recently modified my HCG dosage from every 3 days to every 2 days. Reason being my previous test report showed that my Test level was 780 ng/dl and estradial at 89 pg/ml. So, I wanted to get my test levels to 900-1000 ng/dl and I expected my estradial to go up.
The reason I don’t want to carry my gear is because steroids are illegal where I am and the airport officials might not understand what TRT and stuff means.

I think you have to take into account where you are on those ranges. 1000 ng/dL puts you around the top of the range for TT. 160 pg/mL puts you at 4 times the top of the range for E2.

If you were at 40 pg/mL (actual top of the range for E2) that would make more sense.

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@disciplined_trt - So, should I lower the HCG from every 2 days back to every 3 days like before? I don’t have any gyno issues and there is no much water retention. But I feel so damn good with regards to mood, strength and power. My strength in the gym has increased significantly and I dont even need to use preworkout ever since I started TRT.

You might be fine long term at those levels.

I say “might” because we don’t know. There’s this school of thought out there that you don’t need to ever monitor E2 and that there’s no such thing as too much E2.

It’s a long ongoing debate but in my opinion that view is based on a misunderstanding of the science behind a few research papers showing that crashing your E2 into the ground isn’t good for you. Some people then concluded “the more E2 the better!”.

I don’t think I’d be comfortable riding E2 long term at 400% the natural range.
If you feel as good as you say it might be worth the risk. I’d say make sure you monitor your blood pressure on a regular basis (daily, imo).

I was ok with E2 at 70 pg/mL for 6 weeks or so, and then my BP shot up to 160/80 and I ended up in the ER (I was sent there by urgent care after 2 abnormal EKG’s, not being a hypocondriac) so bloated I looked like the Michelin man.
For reference I’ve always been at 115/75 with a perfect diet and around 11-12% BF.

So for me, high E2 didn’t work out long term at all. But we’re all different and you might be fine that high. Just make sure you stay on top of blood work and BP measurements

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Actually, you are right. That makes a lot of sense. I monitor my bp regularly. My current BP is 125/72. What is your take when it comes to my situation where I am required to travel and I can’t carry my gear? What would be the implication if I dose 0.05mg for 5 days at once and I am not doing any HCG this week as I don’t want any further increase in Estradiol as I will be dosing a higher dosage of Test at once. @disciplined_trt

Yeah I get that. My TT is 1061ng and e2 is 45pg and that’s good for me. Not sure how I’d get on with triple that. But glad you feel good!

Are you using any AI @swoops39 ?

If you feel this good, I wouldn’t change anything.

Edit: I read his comment about the long-term effects and 100% agree. Just cos nothing of something is bad doesn’t mean all of that thing will be good. But if health markers are in range, keep it up

@swoops39 - The only messed up part is the erections. They are not as strong as before. I think it’s partly the estradiol increase.

Yep, .125mg weekly now. Without my e2 goes to 77-90pg naturally and my BP goes way up, energy drops and erections disappear. Took me some time to experiment and find the right dosages

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@swoops39 - Thanks for the info.

I don’t think taking a 5 day dose will make much of a difference. I know guys doing hCG who stop taking it when they travel and they say they’re totally fine.

I think the concern here, if any, is the long term implications of E2 that high. The erection problems you mention could definitely be high E2. Just monitor everything carefully and understand that E2 symptoms and E2 itself can take a while to show up, so don’t assume that because you’ve been fine for 6 weeks with high E2 you’ll be fine forever

I guess I forgot to answer your travel question. If you’re on legal, dr prescribed TRT then travel is no issue. It’s medicine, it’s in your name, you’re fine.

If you’re doing this on your own with an Rx then I wouldn’t risk the travel. I don’t think you need 5x your dose, maybe double it? You won’t crash in 5 days since it’s Sust

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@swoops39 - I am not going to use AI. And if I don’t adjust my dosage, the high E2 will mess up with my erections. I will try to experiment with lowering my HCG dosage to every 3 days and see if the E2 is back to normal.
Wondering if you have used HCG ? If so what was your dosage?

Same. I’m doing 18 mg/day (126 mg/week) and feeling much better than when I was a lot higher, where my mood and energy would drop, BP would go up, I’d start getting bloated, etc…

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I have, 250iu EOD was plenty, but eventually dropped it due to side effects, and already being on TRT HCG isn’t doing anything for me the test can’t do on its own

@swoops39 - I am wondering if my sex drive will still be up there if I double my dosage. I don’t want to feel shitty and I am travelling with my partner. So, there will be a lot of sex involved. So, just want to make sure that all systems are good to go. Ever since on TRT sex life has been off the roof.

@swoops39 - What about maintaining fertility? I still want to have kids in the future.