Bloodwork on 120mg/Week TRT. Feedback Needed

Hello everyone,
I am 35 year old male. I have been on T replacement 120mg/weekly for 2 months now after findind out that my T levels were 290ng/dl.

Here are my latest result after 2months on TRT on the 6th day after the shot.
Total T 874ng/dl
Estradiol 153pmol/L which is about 41 pg/ml

How are my T levels?
Are my E2 levels too high. Do I need to get on Arimidex. I really don’t want to.
Please give some feedback.

T levels seem right for a trough day. That puts you in the upper ranges at your peak. If you are not having E2 issues then why go on AI?

In the coming months you might find your E2 starting to climb even more as it builds up in your system, you might try a very small AI dose at time of injection and note how you feel.

Do you have pre-trt levels for FT, TT and SHBG??? As well as additional info from the most recent labs?

My pre trt level for TT was 260-290ng/dl for the past 2 years when I started getting tested. I must have done around 10 separate tests during the 2 years trying different supplements, diet, exercise. Nothing seem to have worked. So recently doc prescribed TRT.

FT was not tested

SHBG levels were always around 14 which is on the low side. I have heard that low SHBG would cause the test to clear out of the system rather fast but my levels seemed to be good for a trough day.

Lipid profile
TC 134
LDL 77
HDL 41 was 46 pre trt
Triglyc 64

I might even drop the dosage to 100mg/week and that might bring the E2 down a bit I guess while still keep T levels in range.