Bloodwork: Low Test, Low Estrogen

Same here, I was at a stable state for 3 months and made a tiny move and days later acne just came out of nowhere.

Thanks @NH_Watts, @alldayeveryday and @systemlord for the acne feedback. I’ve almost accumulated enough test cyp to move up from my 120mg a week prescribed dose to 300mg a week. Have an appointment in October, will go through the holidays and likely try 300mg a week for 10-12 weeks. Afraid of the acne however, as just going up to 140mg a week made my back/shoulders break out. We’ll see how it goes.

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I’ve been the same way I just dont really care about the acne.

Hahahahaha. Awesome.

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Yeah I would agree THAT is easily arroused! LOL

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You ain’t kidding brother. I find myself talking to it and telling it “we are in public bro. Settle the F down!”

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You lucky SOB!!!

Is your 160mg/week split up? Or is it once/week?

Its split. 80 mg Monday morning 80 mg Thursday evening. That’s the largest doses I’ve ever taken. Now if I can just eat enough to gain some weight. I’m currently 193 lbs. I’m trying to get over 200 lbs.

I’m sitting at my endos office right now to go over my most recent bloodwork. Guess we will see what she says.

I think physiologik said he drinks a half gallon of whole (& raw) milk a day.

Maybe I need to drink some dang milk. I’ve been eating whole rotisserie chickens and boiled eggs and oatmeal and just about anything I can get my hands on. Havent seen the scale budge at all.

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THAT’S why his estrogen is so high!!



Your dose: did it take some time to get used to such a higher trt dose? I’ve gone up to like 60mg e3d and I felt off. Wondering if I should’ve waited it out until my body gets used to the dose.

You should be mixing heavy cream in your oats and eating a whole avocado with that chicken.

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His E2 is only 40. And thats without an AI and a total T over 6000!

I’ll have to try that even though I hate and despise avocados. If it helps me get bigger I’ll chow those nasty green mushy things.

I wouldn’t eat them if you hate them…I mean you want to at least enjoy what you’re shoveling in. There are other ways.

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Started with quarter gallon of raw milk a day, has been about 1 month. Put on 1.5-2 pounds. I have been stuck at 183 for a while. 185 consistently, and still see my abs and veins.

Also for anyone wondering. Acne wipes work really well. Salicylic acid. I get occasional forehead, hairline and sometimes a few shoulder pimples.

The milk seemed to make it increase at first, now it has leveled off, but I have been using those wipes.


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Drinking that much dairy cannot be good for you. I don’t care what physio says.

All those antibiotics, hormones, etc. Not to mention the animal fat content. Yes, will help you gain weight, but look towards longevity and the future.

He’s not using ANYTHING for estrogen control? Nolva or a serm?