Bloodwork: Low Test, Low Estrogen

It seems so odd to me. Why isnt there an alternative to arimidex? I know there are other AIs but the rest of them are even more hardcore. Especially suicidal aromatase inhibitors that kill of all your aromatase enzymes. Its takes even longer to recover from those. I wish there was another compound tailored specifically for men to keep our estrogen levels optimal. Maybe a compound that shuts down aromatase and replaces estrogen all together just like Test Cypionate does for natural testosterone. Seems like a simple concept doesn’t it? Then we could easily adapt the levels to optimum for each individual.

You don’t need an AI with a sensitive estrogen of 27.

I agree. If you read closely you will notice I increased my dosage after that bloodwork so I assume my estradiol is higher than 27. It was just an experiment to see how I would feel and I got my answer. Just sharing my experience.

I ran 120mg of Testosterone Cypionate split 60 mg on Monday morning 60 mg Thursday afternoon. No AI. No hcg. Did this about 10 weeks. Just got bloodwork in. I’m fairly surprised at these numbers. Did not expect my TT to be so high. I expected my E2 to be higher. I’m happy with these results regardless it’s just unexpected. My doc prescribed 100 mg a week which gave me 675 TT and 27 Sensitive E2. I’m back down to 100 mg a week right now as I have a doctors appointment coming up next month and she wouldnt like seeing these numbers I’d imagine. 20180815_092656 20180815_092756 20180815_092908 20180815_092956

Would you mind looking these numbers over? Do I need to be concerned with the Hematocrit? Seems awfully low as it was 43% last bloodwork. Any insight you could give is greatly appreciated.

Yeah 50mg x twice a week gets me around 550-650 as well. When I bump it to 62.5 x twice a week I jump up to 1100 - 1200.

Looks like you are responding well.

On just a 10 to 12.5 mg increase that seems like a large jump. Not what I was expecting.

Yeah I hear ya. I too was surprised that it nearly doubled. Lets you know its not always linear.

@physioLojik, any concern with the low hematocrit/hemoglobin/RBC?

Here is my latest bloodwork after reducing my dosage for the appointment with my Endo tomorrow. It was a total of 5 weeks to stabilize before I did the blood draw. Last bloodwork for the endo i was at 675 ng/dl Tt and this time its 668 ng/dl. Pretty consistent if you ask me.

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Yeah that is consistent. How are you feeling at your prescribed dose vs the 120mg?

I dont think I “felt” much difference. Maybe not quite as horny but still horny lol. My wife damn sure couldn’t tell the difference. After I did the bloodwork I jumped up to 160 mg a week and i can definitely tell the difference.

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That’s where I am now and I feel great and things are picking up speed (fat loss & LBM). What do you notice most? Edit: Or are you just referring to libido?

@NH_Watts and @alldayeveryday - do either of you guys experience an increase in acne at higher doses? I got it bad on my back and shoulders when I went up to 40mg EOD, but when I head down to 34mg or less EOD for extended times, the acne calms down.

I know we’re different, just curious if your experiences.

I get it for about 2 weeks when I change the dose and then it goes away. I have never been prone to acne though.


I had a similar issue when I switched from 90 a week to 100 a week.

90 a week has my trough at like 700. 100 a week put me at 1100.

Maybe it was lab error.

I’ve always been pretty lean. Havent gained much weight since starting trt if any at all. I’m trying to drastically increase my calorie intake right now and I’m still not gaining weight. Hopefully soon. Libido is great. It’s been great. Right now on 160 mg per week I get aroused very easily. A pretty girl at walmart let me cut in line in front of her because all I had was a rotisserie chicken and I got wood.

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My experience has been like watts. I only experience acne when I adjust dose. I just went from 100mg to 160mg but no acne yet. Maybe a couple bumps on my forehead.

I doubt its lab error. I think you hit a threshold in the way you metabolize the compound.