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Bloodwork: Low Test, Low Estrogen


How can they just up and do that? Were you diagnosed with hypogonadism? Seems like this is what you pay into the system for and considering all ailments probably one of the cheapest treatment protocol out there.


Amen! I just don’t understand it. I was diagnosed with hypogonadism and estrogen deficiency as well as obesity believe it or not. The insurance company is saying they wont cover me unless my test levels are below 300 ng/dl. Its really frustrating.


But…you’re on TRT…is this based on prior blood tests?


Could you retake a test with a lower T level, and resubmit? Might suck for a few days.


Look into the criteria. My insurance company required 2 readings under 300 for initial medication approval. Then for renewal of the approval test can’t be over 800.

Appeal! Dr usually have staff to appeal and process paper work.


Is your pressure still good? I just started taking my pressure after obsessing over it before and it has consistently been around 115/75. Never been this good.
It’s either the extra zinc, 3mg Cialis daily , or my t going higher than I was since increasing to 108mg a week from 100.


So it doesn’t matter if you’re hypogonadal or not, roadblocks put in place to deny treatment even if doctors agree you’re hypogonadal. Insurance companies shouldn’t have this kind of power over our health, doctors should be making decisions about our health.


Left out I need to have hypogonadism


That’s defined as reduction or absence of hormone secretion. Everyone become hypogonadal at different hormone levels do to biology. So if you score 301 then it’s not hypogonadism?

Symptoms tells you whether you’re hypogonadal, not numbers on paper.


This is what they told me as well. My TT was 311 and that’s why they are denying coverage even though my estrogen was non existent. Its ridiculous.


I’d imagine I could do that. They require 2 test in the am below 300. It would royally suck to go through that to get my worthless insurance company to shell out a couple bucks.


I ha dht been monitoring my blood pressure recently. I probably should. Thanks for the reminder.