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Bloodwork: Low Test, Low Estrogen


That would probably work


Haven’t heard from you in a bit. How are things progressing @alldayeveryday? How are you feeling?


Thanks for checking in boss. Not a whole lot has changed really. I did switch back to a Monday Thursday injection schedule so 150 mg Monday and 150 mg again on Thursday. I’m doing a blood draw tomorrow morning and I’ll wait to make any kind of changes until I get those results. I havent seen any improvement sexually. I feel like I’m getting fat but the scale hasnt really moved and I still look pretty ripped in the mirror. Idk. Otherwise doing good. Feeling strong and setting personal best in the gym. Hit 6 reps at 275 lbs which is a personal best.


So hard lesson learned. Performed my first delt injection with .6 ml or 150 mg. I used my usual 28 gauge easy touch slin pin and it was like pushing against a brick wall to get the oil out. Once I pulled the pin oil started bubbling out of the hole. I quickly used my finger tip to apply pressure and got oil all over two of my fingers. Jesus. Guess I’m gonna switch to 1 inch 23 gauge for the remainder of the blast?
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I stay away from test that has mixed esters. The times I have used them I found they had my hormones all over the place. There’s a buddy at my gym going through this now funny enough. He is on a 350 test blend with 4-5 different esters. I think the problem there is your levels are shooting all over the place. You might find just picking either cyp or Eth could be the better option.

Some UGL stuff I’ve used the oil has been so thick you would need a fire mans hose to inject it. I like the thin oil based Test, but sometimes you got to make do with what you got and that could mean having to use thicker needles… ouch


I’ve never used anything with mixed esters. Only C and E. Currently running test E.


Sounds like the blast is doing it’s job :grin:.

That’s insane though. Did you re-inject what you might have gushed out?

When I first started TRT, I used 22 gauge, 1.5 inch harpoons… Then I read here the slin pins were there way to go, so I’ve never looked back.

I guess with that much oil and brick wall muscles, you might need to start jabbing yourself with harpoons!


Thought I’d read further up it was a mixed blend, my apologies.


That’s the combo I use


I did not inject any additional test. In relation to the entire injection I’m doubting it represents that much in terms of milligrams.


Why not just do EOD pins with smaller amount of test? .3ml should not be an issue with slin pin.


I always get a little bit of leaking when I inject delts. That’s just a thing that happens I guess. I don’t think it’s a significant amount. Just cover it quickly, should stop fast.

I don’t have any trouble pushing the oil through though. I’ve done as much as 3mL in 1 pin in the delts. I don’t use slin pins though, I guess that could be the issue. Delts are usually easier than other sites for me though, pinning tends to go fast.


10 4. I used an 1.5 inch 23 gauge this morning in my right delt and this was my first time using anything other than a slin pin. Wow. What a harpoon that thing was. I always go slow and it was not easy getting it in. Left a hole in my skin. Not really painful just different. The oil went in no problem at all and there was no leaking or bleeding whatsoever. I put it in atleast an 1". Not bad. I’ll probably continue that until this little silly blast is over. Should have bloodwork in either tomorrow or Wednesday at the latest.


So freaking confused right now. Not at all what I was expecting! Less than 2.5 on e2 sensitive? I dont understand. I guess I see why I’m having sexual issues. It’s quite clear. Is the testosterone under dosed as well? At 120 mg of pharma cypionate I had 1045 ng/dl. Now I’m taking 300 mg and I’m only at 1200 ng/dl? Can nolvadex lower e2 that much? I’ve been taking DIM. OBVIOUSLY that stops now. How can I adjust my protocols to make the most out of the rest of this cycle? @NH_Watts @physioLojik @bcostigan41@studhammer @highpull @flipcollar @charlie12@roscoe88 @unreal24278


Any thoughts guys? I could use some help here.


@alldayeveryday stop dim as you said. Zero reason for that. Tamoxifen won’t lower your serum e2. So it’s the DIM. Are you using any other supplements?


@physioLojik, I take dim twice a day as the bottle suggest and vitamin C along with my multi before bed. Cialis is the only other thing I take. Should I increase my testosterone at all? Drop the nolva?


Last thing you need is crashed E2. In the past I had driven mine down to around 5 and never knew it.


@studhammer, I’ve been here before but previously it was crashed with low t. This is substantially easier to deal with. I want to correct it though


God damn dude. Any only the libido stuff? No joint issues etc?