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Bloodwork: Low Test, Low Estrogen


Have sex in the morning then.
I mean you are blasting. This is temporary. Are you planning on getting off the blast soon?

Explain to wife you are blasting and sacrificing sex for muscle gain.

Or you can take labs, take medication to try and fix while on blast and it may affect your muscle gain.

Or try and reduce 1 of your shots to 50 mg and see what happens.


Outside of libido I would only say that I feel a bit robotic. Kind of emotionless. Seems opposite of high e2 which I hear people get really emotional. I tested it yesterday. There was a video that everyone was saying would make you ball your eyes out. I watched it and felt nothing. Typically i probably would have teared up but nothing. I’m not angry. I’m not super happy. I’m just blah. Very very focused in the gym. Nipples feel fine. They get a little puffy at times. Nothing dramatic.


Not planning on getting off blast. I’ll probably have a talk with my wife tonight. She is getting pretty emotional about it. It doesn’t bother me as I know its temporary but I dont want her to suffer. It’s almost amusing though. She has had terrible libido for the past 9 years and now all of a sudden she sees what it feels like not being wanted and she cant handle it. I’ve been dealing with her for 9 YEARS! Lol. Hell. Maybe this is good for us.


I know what you mean. My wife would love if my libido disappeared for a month.

I f’in complain am always initiating. She says she likes to feel wanted. Lol.
So I guess I dont. Lol

So it may work out good for you. I stopped initiating for a couple of weeks and she started to do more "things"with me.

I hope she gets the libido I do and I don’t want to f. But I probably will f her.


I don’t know how old you are allday, but do NOT continue to not please your wife. Don’t take her words for granted. She will eventually be pulled in by someone else.

I’d come off blast if it’s affecting your marriage. Don’t put yourself and your ego first here.


Good point. But all-day can you get it up for sex with no libido? You know this but you can please even if not in mood. Even if you need extra Cialis. You can finish her with a dildo too .or finger and mouth.

Basically that’s what my wife does for me (not the dildo and finger part - am taking about the whole act) Cause I don’t think she in the mood most of the time. But then again she climax all the time once am in


I hear ya bud but if cutting her off for a couple weeks pushes her into the arms of another man then he can keep that whore. There have been dark times when she cut me off for 3 months and I didnt cheat. I’m 37 years old and so is my wife. We have 4 kids together. I dont think it’s the end of the world.


I agree. Am 41. She too. And even a year with no sex we faithful.

I mean you hear stories where spouse gets sick even cancer and spouse starts cheating. That is sick.


I can get it up. That’s not a problem. I’ll lay it down tonight. Just to shut her up. Hell I cant remember if i even took my cialis this morning when i was supposed to. I’ll pop one when I get home and give it hell.


Sad world.


I love it! F her so hard that she needs a long break.

Lmao. It’s all good man.


Trust me I think about getting head from others but I have resisted this long and I will continue to resist. I really with have psychological problems giving my wife a dirty d. I can’t lie and hate liars.

But @alldayeveryday i always wonder if other men like us go out and get stuff on the side.

Sorry this is off topic. I will cease


I’m absolutely sure that many do. I see married guys at my gym out in the parking lot getting it on with girls from the gym. Happens all the time


I go through this constantly with my wife where I get to point of screaming “GET YOUR FUCKING HORMONES CHECKED THIS IS NOT RIGHT!” and she argues that its a normal decline. I say a decline is one thing but this is flatlined for years now.

Back on topic. High T +no AI = High E2. Now you may not be getting emotional because the T is so high its winning the battle but you are still feeling the effects of some of that high E2. Just a theory.


I with you on that and I’m assuming that’s the case as well. I will certainly verify with bloodwork to be sure what’s going on. I think I’ll draw on Wednesday morning before my next injection. See where my e2 falls. I was going to wait until the sixth week but I need to know what’s happening


I think I’ve mentioned that I used PEDs back in the day and I knew a lot of guys who also did. Typically, that would include one to three injectables, one of them being test and two to three orals. Test dosing would range from 200-800mg per week with the 600-800 range only for the last two to four weeks leading up to a competition. We were always cycling on and off, usually 6-10 weeks on followed by 4-8 weeks off. The only blood work we did was lipids and liver function tests. CBCs also, but we never cared about Hct. A few used LFTs as a means to determine when to go off.

Most guys were pretty jacked sexually when on. I never experienced a decrease in libido and only once felt anything E2 related, that was morning sickness towards the last 4-6 weeks of what was an 18 week cycle. I do know a guy that was on for 9 months leading up to that particular competition and his wife complained that they weren’t doing anything. I will say that usually, by the end of the cycle, I was ready to stop. Can’t describe it, but I just didn’t feel “right” so perhaps it was my body’s way of telling me to get back to normal. May it was due to the stress of heavy training.

I imagine some experienced decreased libido, but did not talk about it. Most complained about high libido.

Given my experiences, it does not follow that so many would experience sexual dysfunction, however, I mentioned we were always going on and off. Maybe it is more of a long term use symptom. I do not know. But, something is up with you so what is different? TRT?

I also think blood work is in order. Hopefully, there will be something that explains your symptoms and you’ll have an answer. We all respond differently to TRT and there is no right or wrong way.


@alldayeveryday - I wasn’t taking as much as you when I had my wet noodle incident during sex… But it’s been about 3 weeks since moving back down to 130ish mg a week and things have improved greatly… successful sex back to back nights on Friday and Saturday.

I guess I had some high E2 signs, feeling bloated, tired and that ED incident… But never anything emotional or nipple related.

Either way, dropping my dose and waiting has helped.

I’d be interested to hear what your E2 comes back at, especially since you’ve had incredibly stable and consistent E2, even while moving up in dose.


If you can get it, you might try to add masteron to your blast. It always did well for me and keeps the libido going strong.

My Test/NPP current blast has given me a somewhat unreliable dick but he responds most of the time. Next time I’m going to stick with mast. Also keeps nipple tenderness at bay.


I’ll keep that in mind. I’m gonna run some bloodwork to see what’s going on. Not sure if its e2 or nolva or what. I’ve read that this is a side effect of nolva for some men. If my e2 isnt crazy high I may temporarily drop the nolva.


Hell I may order some masteron just for fun later.
@studhammer on a 300 mg per week protocol what would you recommend for a masteron dosage. I’ve read that it should be 1 to 1 with testosterone based on its rating. So 300 mg and 300 mg???