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Bloodwork: Low Test, Low Estrogen


You are fine. That first reading is because your are nervous about your BP. You have nothing to worry about at all.


So the proper way is to A) relax B) sit in a reclined position with your arm elevated on a pillow or something C) slow deep breaths for a minute D) start the reading while continuing to breath in a relaxed manner thinking of something soothing like ocean waves etc E) Get final reading F) Do it again but now this time really concentrate on the relaxing your mind portion. G) Success


@unreal24278, I tagged you here on my thread so we dont muddy up the other guys thread. I just finished up week 2 of a 300 mg per week blast. Im dosing 100 mg Monday Wednesday and Friday. Rotating quads and delts. Terrible PIP with my current ug testosterone. I’ve got another brand that is 250 mg per ml and another bottle on the way. Should already be in I just need to go pick it up. Running 12.5 mg nolva per day. No ai.


@unreal24278, I’ll be running it a minimum of 12 weeks but if things are going well and I feel comfortable I’ll stretch it out to 16 weeks.


What’s the concentration of the gear you currently have? Is it 300mg/ml?


That is correct. 300 mg/ml for the bottle I’m currently using. I have another bottle on hand that is 250 mg/ml. I am thinking of switching to the 250 mg/ml and see if there is less pip. I have another bottle on the way. I also have my prescription testosterone but I’m not using that for blast. I’ll cruise on that till my next bloodwork which should be around March or April of next year.


I also feel the need to point out the bottle I am currently using that is 300 mg/ml has “expired”. It “expired” in January of this year. I’ve heard that isnt a big deal and if anything it may have lost some potency. That being said I didnt really want to run it but my buddy insisted that I try it. I gave in but it hardly feels worth it right now. He has now offered to trade me for some propionate that he has on hand.


In my potentially wrong opinion, the reason you’re getting PIP is either due to

  • Bad batch (the sterility of UGL’s can be questionable, however the more reputable the UGL the better the chance of having sterile products)
  • The solvents used to dissolve a higher concentration of gear in the same amount of oil (typically higher concentration gear/shorter estered gear have higher concentrations of BA, the more BA the higher the PIP in general)
  • Test 300 (typically a blend, right) has test prop, propionic acid is notorious for causing irritation at the injection site, I don’t get PIP from test prop, but I do get red rashes.

I’d say it’s the high BA content/ whatever other solvent is used to dissolve 300mgs of test/ml + the test prop content of the 300mg. Test prop also requires more frequent injections EOD or so, it’s a (literal) pain in the ass, why bother unless you’re blasting clsoe to when you need bloods, in which case I’d personally use TNE instead, it’s out quicker (oil based not water based)


This testosterone has no propionate in it. It does have EO in it which I’ve read elsewhere has the tendency of causing pip. My testosterone 250 doesn’t have eo and is based in gso so I think it will be tolerated much better. The pip on this 300 is quite impressive. Hardly seems worth it when test is so cheap and easily accessible. I told my buddy I was gonna throw it in the garbage and he tripped out. Said he would take it and trade me for something else. Lol. Sounds good to me.


Just got word my nolva and test e is in. I can pick it up today.


So quick update… I switched to a different brand of testosterone yesterday. 250mg/ml based in gso (no eo). Wow. What a difference. No pip whatsoever. This should make things a bit smoother. I also picked up another bottle of test yesterday which is also 250mg/ml but that one is based in MCT oil. Totally clear. Very thin. Looks and feels like water. Should be interesting and I’ve read from online reviews that it flows very easily through slin pens. Also I want to state that my sex drive has cratered. No desire for sex. I just wrote it off as holiday stress but my wife has started to notice. I gave in and we had sex last night. I performed no problem. No issues with erection just no desire. Odd. I’ve also been having pretty bad headaches. I’m guessing it’s the nolva. I’ve read these are side effects of nolva. I’m gonna move to eod nolva protocol and see if it eliminates some of this.


Glad to hear about the positive change with the PIP. Scale been moving at all?


It jumped up over the Thanksgiving holiday. Went up to 194.6 lbs but is now steadily declining as I am officially out of leftovers.


Eat more grow more?


Apparently. I’m gonna have to kick it up a notch or two.


Ok so update and feedback needed:
So I’ve continued the 300 mg per week and just entered week 4 today. Feeling great. Feeling strong. Stronger than ever. Hitting Personal Best every day. As I have mentioned before my libido has taken a major hit. I’m talking ZERO LIBIDO. No interest in sex and or masturbation. Have never ever experienced this before. My wife is now completely convinced that I’m cheating and that cant be further from the truth. She says I’m showing no interest in her at all. It’s TRUE. Not sure what to do next. I’m guessing bloodwork. Bloodwork and then get together a plan of action from there. Any advice here would be appreciated. I’m injecting 100 mg Monday Wednesday and Friday with 12.5 mg of nolva per day. No ai. No hcg. Not sure what to do next.
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This is what I think:

High test levels and protocols give great ANABOLIC results: strength, power, muscles, etc., BUT, bad ANDROGENIC results, like sex drive and arousal.

I think the reason is estrogen, mainly estradiol. Inflated e2 will affect serotonin, which hampers sex drive.

Get levels check, including e2. I think most that go that high in test (300mg/week) run arimidex to keep the e2 level down.


It certainly isnt what I was expecting. I have close friends who have been cycling for years and they have never taken an ai before. They say their libido is crazy on cycle. To each his own I guess


Also, I wanted to add I have morning wood every morning without fail. Not sure if this matters but it’s always there.


I think it’s e2 related, likely too high.

Any signs besides no libido, like nipples or mood? Water retention?