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Bloodwork: Low Test, Low Estrogen


That’s amazing. I wish I didn’t need to keep track of my intake too… If I didn’t watch what I eat, I might get into trouble.

Are you planning on running bloods during your blast? With your amazingly stable E2, it will be really interesting to see what happens with your E2.


Milk? That’s what I used when I needed to add weight. Just did a quarter gallon a day and I steadily gained. Looking jacked bro.


Yeah. I’m using whole milk now. I have a protein shake post wo that is 920 calories


Drink more :slight_smile:


Milk or Alcohol?


So the pain from injection still lingers from last Monday. It doesn’t really bother me in fact I kind of like it but I do have a question. If there is still pain/soreness from the last injection should i rotate to other injection sites such as quads or glutes? Or should I continue shooting delts in the hope I become accustomed to the injections? I’ve only ever shot delts im so I’m a little apprehensive on quads but if that’s the best route I’m gonna stick an insulin needle in my quad tomorrow morning. I bet that ones gonna hurt :slight_smile:


definitely switch injection sites. Your body might be telling you something. Don’t irritate the tissue even more.

Quads were just as easy as delts for me. Even my pec was simple and painless.

I use 27guage Insulin.


Was this just due to the sheer volume of the injection? What changed if not that?


Its not uncommon for an injection to be a little sore a little longer. I give LOTS of shots, and I can tell you, its kinda a crapshoot, even with proper technique. Every now and then, it just hurts, whether you hit a vein, or a nerve, or whatever.

I did an IM quad shot and I felt “pain” for about a week. It was minimal though. But I think it was that one where I had my quad tensed.


oof…yeah tense is not good…


So I have my theories on why… A. My pharma Test Cyp is 200mg per ml. The UG Test is 300mg per ml. I’ve heard the higher the concentration the greater the pip. I’m breaking it up into mon Wednesday Friday shots so the volume is actually less @ .35ml vs .4ml I normally inject.
B. Different carrier oil. My pharma test is cottonseed oil and the UG test is based in peanut oil as far as I can tell. I had to enter a foreign language into Google to try and figure out what kind of oil it was and the last word was peanut.
I’m thinking the combination of these two things maybe. The peanut oil is way thinner as well and flows much faster and smoother than the cottonseed oil.


Damn I hope its not the oil.


What do you mean about the oil?


Im hoping, for you, its not a reaction to the peanut oil.


Yeah. Not sure. I dont have any allergies I’m aware of so it should be ok. Guess I should start monitoring my blood pressure just in case.


I just started Injecting in Delts to. First shot in one delt was with a 5/16 30 gauge. Very Shallow im.
Had pain 2 days later for a couple of days sore

Next shot in other delt used 1/2 29 gauge. No pain.
Idk if I can draw conclusion but maybe the deeper Injection with longer Needle helped.

Also guys am I right in my research that if I want retail pharmacy- in order to change from cottonseed to sesame seed I need to go enanthate?


I’ve seen anecdotal scenarios where guys turned to compounding pharmacies for other carrier oils such as grapeseed oil. You might see if your doc has a relationship with a compounding pharmacy I know mine does.


Ik. But my insurance covers so I want retail regular pharmacy


Ok so I did my third injection this morning for this week. I chose my right quad for the injection site to switch things up and give my delts a break. So far that was the most painless injection I have ever done. Flat out felt no pain no nothing at all. That and today was leg day at the gym. Didnt even notice the injection at all. Too easy. I did aspirate before injecting the test. It was a welcome change and I guess we will see if it develops any pain from there.


So little update… by late yesterday afternoon I definitely developed soreness in my quad from the injection. Its sore as hell today. Hurts to squat down. The pain starts just above my knee cap and goes all the way to the injection site. Guess I’m just gonna have to deal with it.