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Bloodwork: Low Test, Low Estrogen


Hell who knows. I’ve never run anything this high. I can put on 5lbs pretty quick I just cant keep it on unless I eat and eat and eat. Schedule gets crazy and my diet slips and bam back down to 189lbs


Homeostasis can be a real bitch. Im on the opposite end. Body hates to lose weight. A little better now that Im on T but still not easy.


So I took my second shot of 100mg ug test this morning. Filling syringe and shot is way smoother with this particular brand of ug test. Side note: PIP is way worse than pharma grade. I feel like I’ve been slugged in both arms really hard. It’s not unbearable or anything but I feel it. Not a show stopper. Had an epic workout this morning for back day (placebo?) Had a guy walk up and tell me I look like I’m getting alot bigger (placebo?) Maybe it’s just the way I’m carrying myself in the gym. I’m noticing a big jump in libido right now. It’s a little annoying. Also not a show stopper. Kinda feels like the honeymoon phase when I started trt. So far so good. Havent dosed nolva yet. Maybe I’ll start Friday with the nolva?


Regarding your updated pic allday, have you always been lean?


I’ve been lean to one extent or another for about 8 years. 8 years ago I had pretty much let myself go. I was sitting at a sloppy 225lbs. That’s when I decided to get back into a fitness lifestyle and train again. I lost 35 lbs in three weeks. Before it was over I dropped all the way down to 169 lbs which was an unhealthy level for me. It took alot to get back up to 180lbs. I’ve been fighting to gain and maintain ever since.


Ok. Given that initial loss I will assume your metabolism has always been high? When you were “sloppy” was it mostly due to booze and lethargy?


Not as much booze really. I had pretty much given up alcohol years before that. Married. Had kids. Work not as physical as it used to be. Nasty diet. Lots of chicken fried steak and gravy. Lots of it. No training at all. Just let myself go.


Oh yeah! And walgreens filled my 10ml bottle of test cyp but they wanted to charge me 150.00 for it! I’ve never paid more than 70 bucks for a 10 ml bottle. What a RIP off.


Not to derail the thread - but I’m curious @alldayeveryday what you eat pre and post workout?

Shortly after starting TRT in 11/17, I also started intermittent fasting. Still try to keep my protein intake about 150g a day, carbs around 100g and fat varies, but usually around 50g a day.

Between IF, TRT and more exercise, I dropped 20lbs. I wasn’t terribly overweigh - 187lbs at 5’ 11"… But had fat in all the wrong places.

I feel like I’ve stalled everywhere in muscle gain and weight loss…and you seem to have have made great strides in losing weight and gaining quite a bit of muscle.

I’m thinking I need to change my diet to add something around my workout. Curious if you or anyone has any thoughts?

Thanks in advance.


I guess with the added low T (I forget your early story and if this was even the case) and all of the above it could put the pounds on.


I’m in MA. My doc originally wrote a 10ml bottle script, but the pharmacist at Walgreens told me that since it was a controlled substance, they couldn’t give me that much at once in a month… So I get 4 200mg/ml vials a month for $10.

Good rx dot com has coupon codes you could try to use.


Pretty sure thats bullshit. All I have ever gotten over the last year is 10ml (100mg/ml) every 28 days for $40. I am in MA too.


What!!! WTF is that crap… pisses me off, but since I pay $10 a month for everything, it’s not as bad… But still irritating to know we’re in the same state and you get a big bottle.


I use CVS.


Not a derail at all. I lift at 5am Monday thru Friday. Typically I dont eat ANYTHING AT ALL. I HATE eating in the morning. It’s like nails on a chalk board to me. I’m always fasted when I train with the exception of a pre-workout. I’ve been trying to hype myself up to eat breakfast and every now and again I will but it never last. I wake up at 4am. Have a cup of coffee. Read this forum. At the gym by 5am. My compromise right now is having a post workout protien shake that consist of 20 oz of whole milk. 3 tablespoons of heavy whipping cream. Two scoops of syntha 6 protein powder and 5 mgs of creatine monohydrate. I slam that when I get home.


I remember when people first started talking about intermittent fasting. I looked into it and realized I’ve been intermittent fasting most my life. I just dont eat in the mornings. Ever. I fast from dinner to lunch the next day. I will say that when I want to lose weight and I want to get shredded I have a very simple diet. Chicken. Green vegetables. That’s pretty much it. Lots of chicken. Lots of greens vegetables. Broccoli. Asparagus. Spinach. Anything green and lots of it. I eat the veggies mostly raw as I don’t really like eating cooked vegetables. That diet combined with a high rep scheme of super setting and short rest intervals and I can be ripped in a couple of weeks.


So IF for lifelong leanness and muscularity with the occasional keto for extreme fat loss. Got it. :wink:


Thank you very much for the info @alldayeveryday, I really appreciate it.

Do you happen to feel like you have less strength in the morning working out on an empty stomach?

How many calories a day do you think you are eating? I average about 1750 a day…I wonder if that’s my problem if not eating a high enough quantity of good clean food. I guess I’ll re-examine my diet and just fight through it.

Thanks again…and happy to hear you started your blast. I’ll be following along for sure.


FWIW, I always work out on an empty tank too at 6am (up at 5am) on just black coffee and water. I take in between 2500 and 3500 cals a day.


No idea how many calories. I’ve never counted calories. I have never noticed any significant difference in my strength levels. Possibly a bit more staying power/endurance if I force feed a high carbohydrate meal first thing in the morning.