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Bloodwork: Low Test, Low Estrogen


Not that I’m aware of. I spoke to the doctors office and they said they faxed over the prescription today. Called the pharmacy and they said they havent received anything. F it. I’m gonna just shoot ug test tonight when I get off work. I guess my blast starts tonight lol. I’ll get the prescription and just hold onto once my doc and the pharmacy figure out what they are doing. I’ve been shooting test for 11 months and all of a sudden I’m nervous again lol.


Yeah. I wouldn’t think you should go higher. I gather some guys don’t take any of that on 300. But I gather you think u want to prevent any initial e2 things


It is my understanding that testosterone prescription need to be done electronically or a hard original prescription.

Happens all the time. office said they sent it and they didn’t. Holiday.


I just recieved a text from the pharmacy saying my prescription is awaiting insurance approval which I have never had anyways so I guess it doesn’t matter. Lol. They have never covered it because my tt was 311 and the cut off was 300. Go figure.


Saw your post, what is your question?


Insurance is almost useless these days.


I must have gotten lucky or have good insurance… I pay $10 a month for 4 vials of 200mg/ml test cyp.

I had 3 bloods with total T less than 280 each time, months apart and my urologist prescribed test cyp.


So I was able to refill my prescription last night but instead of giving me my normal 10ml vial they gave me 4 1ml vials. I was informed that Testosterone Cypionate loses its potency after 30 days so they are giving out smaller vials now. I’m going to try and fill the prescription somewhere else as I’m not interested in refilling so often. I ended up using my ug gear last night. Hopefully it hasnt lost its potency. My buddy swears by this brand and says it’s the absolute best so I guess we shall see.


Was that from the doc or the pharmacist?


The pharmacist said that. I argued with her and told her it’s good for 3 years but she wasnt having any discussion and said 10ml isnt an option anymore. I just had my docs office call it in to walgreens and they are filling the 10ml bottle for me.


strange…sounds like maybe she is getting a little kickback to push that medium OR fucked up and ordered the wrong shit and is trying to cover her ass.


Pharmacist is probably under the thought that once pierced, the vial is only good for 30 days.

Not accurate.


When injecting the ug testosterone I noticed it flowed much much better than the pharma grade stuff. It filled the insulin syringe much faster and with fewer bubbles. It injected very easily as well. Easiest injection I’ve done to date. It seems it is suspended in peanut oil. Never heard of that before but apparently it works.


She charged me 40 bucks for 4 1ml vial. I normally pay 80 bucks for 1 10ml vial. What a pain. At least walgreens is hooking me up.


Weighed in at 189 lbs this morning. Disappointing. Very difficult to keep on weight.


I can see why you are disappointed. So sad.:ok_hand:t3:


Its tough when you cant gain weight. It’s difficult to get enough calories. I’m gonna go get some tacos right now.


I guess that could be frustrating but regardless you strong AF.


Thank you. I’ll be happy if I can maintain 200 lbs consistently. You think I should shoot higher so I can fall at 200lbs?


I dont know man. Im new to all this B&C stuff. At 300mg how long before you put 5lbs on?