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Bloodwork: Low Test, Low Estrogen


Based on these numbers I think a retest is warranted. If the e2 comes back consistent I might try a slightly higher weekly dose. If that e2 is accurate it seems I’m metabolizing the e2 very well. I find it odd that I cant get my e2 into the 30s. Every time I do a dosage increase I’m sure it must be in the mid 30s and im always wrong. Since trt started it’s been between 26 and 29 every single time. It really makes me wonder if I have aromatase issues. That’s what got me on trt in the first place is the fact I had undetectable e2 levels.


Can you elaborate?


Sure man. First 3 months bloods at trough:

Estradiol 192 pmol/L H 40-160

Uro wasn’t too concerned as I wasn’t feeling any sides nor were there any visible ones so he said keep going as is, no AI, it will probably level out…

3 months later at trough:

Estradiol 83 pmol/L 40-160 G

I realize it’s not sensitive but there are no sides and everything is working great. Not gonna worry about it unless it goes up to High and stays there, it has not. :)))


Looks good. Waiting for labs to confirm my lower e2. Not sure what to do if it’s still low.


So kind of a crappy update. Been working long hours 84 hour weeks. Havent been able to make it to the gym until yesterday and today. Weighed myself this morning and I’m down to 188 pounds. Very disappointing. The ridiculous amount of clean food I have to eat is demoralizing. All I want to do is get to 200 pounds and not be a miserable fat ass. I’m starting my 300 mg test only blast as soon as my nolva gets in which I’m guesstimating will be in a week or so. I dont have any delusions of grandeur on this mini blast of test only. I honestly will be surprised if I gain anything at all or feel any different. Guess I will just have to wait and see. It will be interesting to see what my e2 levels due while running 300. Any good advice on getting in more calories?


What are you eating now, how many calories? Any certain macro ratio? If not, shit tons of nut butter.

I make a smoothie every morning that pumps out 800 calories. It’s frozen berries, peanut butter, whey protein, oats and almond milk. Digests quickly and easily then it’s on to the next. I also eat a lot of jasmine rice with olive oil mixed in. I don’t mind eating bland shit though.

Also, not sure how you feel about chick peas. They’re something like 500 calories a can, a lot of fiber too. I snack on those throughout the day. You can even bake them with a drizzle of oil, black pepper and salt, great snack.


Whole organic milk. Will crank up your IGF production as well supposedly.


I’ve been meal prepping and weighing out my food. Protien sources are mainly chicken and ground Turkey with Tuna steak every now and again. Whey protein shake mixed with creatine and whole milk every morning post wo. I workout at 5am every morning. Carbs are mostly an absolute ton of rice. Mix in chopped vegetables with every meal. Mostly greens. Asparagus. Broccoli. Brussel sprouts. Each meal consist of 8-10 oz of protein and 8 oz of rice. I’ll be honest I have no idea how many calories I’m taking in I’m just trying to eat 5 to 6 meals a day. I have odd meals with the family as well. Sometimes at lunch I’ll run and get a rotisserie chicken and eat the whole bird with pasta as a side. Just force feeding.


Hmmm, with 8oz of rice at every meal, 5-6 as you stated, along with pasta on occasion I’d think you’d be getting enough calories.

Try to track your calories with MyFitnessPal. With the way you’re meal prepping it will be easy as hell to copy and paste day to day. Just input the info once and if your meals are pretty consistent it won’t be much work. Should give you a really good idea of why the scale might not be budging.


Very interesting thread. Just started 160mg per week myself. This has been very informative. Staying tuned.


So I’m having issues refilling my prescription for test Cypionate right now. I’m finally completely tapped and could not make my injection this morning. I spoke to my doctors office and they said they cant refill the prescription without the doctors signature and they dont know if she will be in today. I’ve got plenty of ug test stores up so if she doesn’t fill it I may just start my blast today. My plan is to run 12.5 mg a day nolva so I guess I will take that today with my first shot? My plan is 100mg mon wed Friday. I’m gonna rotate quads and delts. My Test E is 300mg per ml. @studhammer @physioLojik @NH_Watts @charlie12 @highpull @alphagunner


What do you mean?


Under ground lab testosterone. I’ve got two bottles of it.


Where do you live


Texas. Houston area


Ok. Way to far. I have extra. Nvm


:grinning: no problem boss. I’ve got tons of test. Just dont understand why the doc wont sign off for my refill


Was there an FDA change or something? Maybe he got spooked


Why 12.5. Is it liquid?


Its 25 mg tablets. I’m gonna split them and do daily dosing.