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Bloodwork: Low Test, Low Estrogen


So yesterday Mark’s the first day I have ever forgotten to do my injection. I’ve been working 7 days a week 12 hours a day and had to take my wife to the airport last night. It was all chaos and I forgot to take my shot before I passed out. I did it first thing this morning when I woke up. I dont think it will make a difference.


You,ll be right. I quite often forget a day or take a day earlier




I got all dat


Well I’m a bit shocked at these results. Not what I had anticipated. So after increasing my dose to 160 mg a week (80×2) I went and did a sensitive e2 test. At 120 mg per week (60×2) my sensitive e2 came back at 27.3. Now at 160 mg my e2 sensitive test came back at 28. Not sure what to do with this data point. I expected a bigger jump. As I’ve stated previously I havent noticed any difference between 120 and 160 except for making it more difficult to climax during sex. Not sure what the mechanism is there. I always do but I have to work the hell out of that poor woman. What would yall do with this info?
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  1. How do you feel?

  2. How long between tests?


I feel good. Cant say I feel much different then 120 mg per week. I havent gained any weight on either dose but I’m not eating enough consistently. It was approximately 6 weeks on 160 mg when I did this e2 test and I did it at trough.


Did you Total Test change much?

Did you feel better on one dose over the other?


I like to check the regular estradiol test too. Apparently the regular estradiol test eia method is more automatic at the lab… The sensitive requires lab tech skill.
I just redid mine too see cause I could not believe my e2 was 14 with no AI.

I believe you increased dose for a blast to gain at the gym. So judge that to see if you have succeded.
How long on the 160?

Also at times like last night it took me vigours stroking after a BJ to finish. And with her stimulating nipps and such it helped greatly( note the bjs I get are how can I say this- she only really takes in about 2 inches) .
I didn’t change no dose and experienced this. So idk if it’s fair for you to associate that with your increased dose. Usually though am pretty normal to finishing.


I didnt test anything other than sensitive e2. At 120 I was just over 1000 tt and 24 ft on a scale to 25. I generally assume that at 160 mg I’m over both scales so those numbers dont mean much to me anymore. All I really care about is e2. My hematocrit is always low. I’ll test more later.


6 weeks at 160 mg. I feel pretty good and I have been convinced that the issues in bed are related to the increased dose. At 120 mg it seemed perfect. As soon as I increased to 160 mg the delayed orgasms started. It’s not to bad I just have to be really rough with her which she likes. I just find it all very interesting and trying to figure out how it relates to possible blast in the future. I havent done a blast yet. I was planning on using 10mg nolvadex throughout but dont have enough nolva to make it so I put it on hold.


While it is expected E2 will increase as testosterone does, I have no explanation for your result. LC/MS/MS methodology is reportedly inconsistent, but I think you’d want another test to make a determination and, as always, go with your symptoms. Sounds as though you are doing fine.

Regarding your sexual function, as long as you are both happy……………


Id say everyone is happy at your larger dose LOL


And it’s the best exercise you can get …

It’s crazy that we have to guess why delayed orgasm. For thought- if your e2 stayed the same and t went up your ratio could be way different.

@alldayeveryday ik you take Cialis 2.5 mg 2x a day. Do you take extra at times? Just curious for me.


I have a few times but certainly not consistently. I never noticed any difference. Also, 6 weeks ago when I saw my endo she changed my script to 6 mg cialis from a compounding pharmacy. Cant split them. I just take the 6mg first thing in the am. Dont seem to make any difference.


Does it make a difference with gym pumps?


I do some weights at home …ik am an amateur… The Cialis certainly makes my veins show so I could imagine more blood flow to muscles. Am not a body builder so forgive me if that doesn’t mean anything.

I also feel the Cialis makes me exercise longer at least for cardio. Endurance


Yes. Excellent pre workout for pumps and vascularity


I take 4mg EOD compounded. Took one this am and worked out. Told my wife after I felt like I was going to pop and tear out of my skin. Pump was great this am.

Amazing results with your e2. I’ve never had mine tested, but never felt the need to I guess. On 120 to 140mg a week I haven’t had any of the sides anyone here have mentioned, so I didn’t want to see my number and get crazy ideas to try and do anything to it… However, I have heard Cialis could lower e2?

Either way, great work on your numbers and getting to stay in the warm oven a little longer before finishing… I wish I could last longer sometimes.


I’m also on 5mg Cialis, daily. Love it for the pumps, lowering BP and boners. LOL I was on 100mg test a week, no AI, even after a 3 month check-up showed it was high. Doc upped my script to 120mg after my AI went back to normal, naturally. Looking forward to next month’s bloods as I still have yet to feel/see any sides from not using an AI.