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Bloodwork: Low Test, Low Estrogen


Just to chime in here :slight_smile: miss you guys haha.

I drink only raw milk that I buy directly from a farm I know. They use no antibiotics or hormones whatsoever and the cows are all grass fed only. Super duper great stuff. If it’s illegal in your state to buy you can get a share program with a farm. Search google for it. You buy ownership rights to a certain amount from a cow per month. Like 20.-30.00 usually or close to it. Worth every penny. Search for John meadows raw milk as well. He goes into greater detail than I can atm.


@NH_Watts happy birthday man!


What if I want a trenbologne sandwhich infused in my milk!


Good to hear from you @physioLojik. I like John Meadows and I’ve seen alot of his YouTube content. Amazing story. I still do Meadows Rows on back days. I hope your doing well in Colorado.


Thanks @physioLojik! FWIW, finally got my bday beej last night. Better late than never! Hope all is well.


Happy birthday!! :muscle:t3::grinning::us:


Lucky dude, nice work


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It was all her. I didn’t even have to ask!


Maybe the moderator should change the title of this from “Low Test Low Estrogen” to @NH_Watts Birthday Beej


Tell her it makes you feel more intimate and loving when you get one. You may get more :wink:


Oh she knows charlie12. It used to be like 1 or 2 times a year and I would say in the last year its probably been monthly. She has gotten much better. If I bring it up too much she feels guilty which works in the opposite direction. It’s a balancing act. We’ve been together for 23 years and have weathered many storms in this relationship. We are in a good place…better than we have ever been. Keep in mind she has dealt with a LowT bitch for a lot of years and the last 3 or 4 were really bad.


That’s awesome man. Whatever works! It’s a balancing act for me too.
Am trying to help my wife lose weight. She was put on t4 a month ago. TSH went down to 1.3. Pretty good. She will get full labs soon to see free numbers and rt3. She’s in metformin too. Pre diabetic.

I feel bad cause she is heavy and is having lots of trouble losing weight. She has very little motivation to exercise which drives me bannans. But I think she is starting to exercise more regularly.

Once she loses some weight I expect that things will change dramatically for her and us.


Gotta fix each other definitely. Sounds like you have a good doc and she is on her way. My wife has battled for years with her iron and over the last 6 months has finally stabilized it. Its been a huge change.

Has your wife had her E and T checked?



Btw her ferritin was 29 she took slow Fe and went to 40s. Now she is taking regular 65 mg equivalent to 325 mg ferrous sulfate. Will see next month her new numbers
Man if you can shed light on this and help that’s appreciated.


Is she pre-menopausal? If so bottom of the barrel for T. We know what thats like. Has she spoken to an endocrinologist? Is she supplementing Vit D? Just that being low can make you feel like shit.


She’s41. Doctor will not replace her hormones. Other than thyroid.

She can try dhea. In woman suppose to increase t.
She is taking d, iron,b12, and magnesium.

I think once they fix thyroid she can lose weight and other numbers will come in line? I hope.

Wife is willing to try stuff but can be resistant. I mean I have extra t but not sure if that’s what’s good. Plus she would not take it without Dr. I can eventually try to convince.

So plan is getting ferritin up, magnesium up, thyroid ok and exercise to lose weight.

Personally I would love for her to try some extra t.


Make sure she is taking enough vitamin D. Were all of these added supplements added after these labs were done?


Before this lab - Just b12 and vit D. And slow Fe iron. D was even lower B4 this test. After test-She upped her d after this test. Started mag and the different form of iron.