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Bloodwork: Low Test, Low Estrogen


Have you talked to your doctor and asked him for an increase? Now I wish I would have just called my endos office and just asked over the phone months ago. She probably would have agreed to it even then. It doesn’t really matter just as long as you find a place that’s healthy and feeling good.


Have my appointment in October where I’ll ask. Funny thing is my script says “inject .6ml - 1ml weekly”, and it’s 200mg/1ml concentration… So he’s technically given me the green light to go from 120mg up to 200mg per week if I wanted to… But I don’t want to jump up there without discussing with him first, so he isn’t shocked by a huge TT number at an appointment after a blood draw.

I’ve been staying right around .6ml per week, that’s how I’ve been able to accumulate test. I’ll talk with him at the next appointment, tell him I’ve varied dose some to experiment and I feel really good at a higher dose.

He looks at hematocrit as a guide to dose. If hematocrit is too high, he won’t likely let me increase… But my last two have been around 46-47%.


Do you take the .6 all at once? Or split it up?


Split it up. I was taking 60mg e3.5 days, but didn’t like it. I moved to 34mg EOD, which works out to 120mg per week.

I’ve gone up to 50mg EOD for a couple of shots, but usually am between 34mg to 40mg EOD. I feel better at 40mg and hope my doctor will be cool with that.


What didn’t you like at 60 e3d? Anxiety?

Anything over about 50 mg e3d for me makes me edgy and anxious.

I did try 30 mg eod but only for a few weeks. I did feel mentally amazing. And actually more energetic in the gym. Just didn’t feel an effect in arousal. I should have run it longer.


Not so much anxiety, but I could feel the bigger peak and valley… Felt low on the day off an injection. Plus, strangely enough, I was having BPH symptoms at that dose and frequency, couldn’t pee.

Bloods after 3 months of that showed my SHBG at 16, so I went EOD and it’s been great since.

One thing I find interesting is my SHBG has increased over time and my last reading was 31 - but I’m staying EOD because I feel good.

At 40mg EOD, I was chasing my wife around…haha. there was stretch we had sex 4 days in a row. Loved that.

What is your prescribed dose again?


My dr gives me 150mg per week and let’s me run whatever I want.

I bet your shbg went up a bit cause your doses were smaller. I think it tends to get lower the higher the dose. Just my thought.


Yeh think that must be right as my SHBG has been below 20 for the past six months but suddenly in the last month jumped up to 37 once I lowered my dose to 100mg/week injecting EOD.


Yep. My thoughts too.

Lower daily doses, like those of daily gels probably work best.

When does our body naturally ever have huge 50mg blasts of test at once? Ya know?

Smaller daily or eod doses are more natural.


Quick update… I have my next 80 mg shot this evening. I’ve been very surprised by the lack of acne after this dosage increase. Got one pimple on my lat and one on my hairline and that’s it. I expected it to be worse. Outside of that on the sexual front… it’s been good. Normal. I have noticed it takes longer to climax when I’m engaged with my wife. The climax is much more intense as well. It’s like I have to fight for it at the end but it’s worth the fight lol. I’m assuming it’s an uptick in estrogen. I’m really interested in seeing bloodwork at this dose of 160 mg. I’m fascinated by all this hormone science and how the body metabolizes these compounds. It seems so complex and kind of simple in other ways.


A lot more intense. Im not sure if the uptick in libido (in general on T) or something else.


Yeah true. Not what I was expecting. Maybe I’m getting older and lazy but I dont want to “fight” for it any more lol. I was gonna start a 300 mg blast now but I might wait 5 weeks to get bloodwork on this. Just to see what my e2 does at this higher dose. Then I will go 300mg with 10 mg nolva daily.


Is your wife complaining? :wink:


Nah. No complaints from the wife department.


Mine either. Although (humble brag time) a few weeks ago I banged her two times in a row with only a 5 minute pause in between. She wasn’t complaining that night but she was the next day. Tired and sore.


Shit after I orgasm I’m DONE for a day.

I hate hearing about all these dudes that can have sex and then go again within the hour.

WTH?! I’m 40 though.


I turned 47 on Saturday. :lol:


@NH_Watts happy belated birthday


Nothing wrong with waiting a day


Thank you sir. My wife surprised me with her usual no birthday BJ. But she did make me a cake so it wasn’t all that bad. :smiley: